Sapphire crystal is a material known for its durability, clarity, and scratch-resistance. It’s no surprise that many high-end watches like Rolex use Sapphire crystal for their watch faces.    In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the properties and benefits of Sapphire crystal for watches, how they are made, popular brands and models, and how to choose and care for your Sapphire crystal watch.

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What is sapphire crystal watch

Sapphire crystal is a synthetic material with high resistance to wear, transparency, and high-temperature tolerance, making it a premium material for manufacturing luxury watches.It is made of pure aluminum oxide, which is melted and crystallized at high temperatures to form a single crystal structure,as it is extremely hard and durable.The sapphire watch crystal is the watch with sapphire crystal glass because sapphire glass can protect the dial against shock.

sapphire crystal in watches

Benefits of Sapphire watches crystal

Sapphire glass, a high-quality synthetic glass, has the following three advantages: 

Durability and scratch-resistance

Sapphire glass is a very hard material that ranks higher than mineral glass.  It is made with high temperature and high pressure, making it very resistant to everyday wear and tear.  In contrast, mineral glass materials are easily scratched and damaged, while sapphire glass can withstand wear and pressure from daily use due to its higher hardness and better durability.

Clarity and anti-reflective properties:

Sapphire crystal glass has high transparency and clarity.  Its perfect optical properties can eliminate optical interference and refraction, providing a better and more realistic viewing experience.  Moreover, sapphire glass undergoes special treatment during production to reduce reflection and glare, and to maintain its surface flatness and high clarity in various lighting conditions. 

Longevity and maintenance

Sapphire crystal glass is manufactured with precision, ensuring its quality remains superior.  It has been developed and optimized for long-lasting life, and its special neutral coating treatment provides good resistance to wear and corrosion, allowing it to be used for a longer time.  Additionally, due to the special treatment during production and manufacturing, Sapphire glass has a very smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

 In general, sapphire crystal is good for watches, especially in the field of luxury watches, sapphire crystal is the first choice.  Sapphire’s strength, scratch resistance, durability and transparency make it the first choice for high-end watches. 

Sapphire Crystal Quality Grades

   Sapphire crystal quality can be evaluated based on the following three aspects:

Types of Sapphire crystal

   There are three types of sapphire crystals, namely Natural Sapphire crystal, Flame Fusion Sapphire crystal, and Czochralski Sapphire crystal.  Among them, Czochralski Sapphire crystal is considered the highest quality because it can produce high-purity and high-transparency sapphire crystals. 

Properties of high-quality Sapphire crystal

 The properties of high-quality sapphire crystal include high hardness, high transparency, high thermal conductivity, high resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion, and high resistance to scratching and wear.  High-quality sapphire crystals have a uniform color, high crystal orientation and low defect density, which results in better optical characteristics.

Factors that affect Sapphire crystal quality

  The factors that affect sapphire crystal quality include crystal defects, impurities, crystalization method, and crystal growth rate.  The presence of impurities and defects degrade the quality of sapphire crystals.  High-quality sapphire crystals are made through strict quality control measures that focus on selecting proper raw materials and utilizing advanced crystal growth methods. 

How to Choose a Sapphire Crystal Watch

  Choosing a sapphire crystal watch involves considering the following three factors:

Is a sapphire crystal worth it?

   Before choosing a sapphire crystal watch, ask yourself is sapphire crystal worth it Is it better to choose affordable mineral glass or expensive sapphire crystal glass?  Are you willing to pay for properties like scratch resistance and firmness? 

 Prioritize your needs

   Before choosing a sapphire crystal watch, consider your needs such as the purpose, style, and features of the watch.  Ask yourself if you need a watch for formal or casual occasions, if you prefer a classic or modern style, or if you need additional features such as water resistance, chronograph, or a date display.  Prioritizing your needs will help you narrow down your options and choose a watch that best suits your lifestyle.

Consider your budget

   Sapphire crystal watches are available at a wide range of prices.  Set a budget and look for watches that fit within your price range.  Be wary of watches that are priced too low as they may have inferior quality components or may be replicas.  Remember that luxury watches often come with higher price tags but are made with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

   In conclusion, to choose a sapphire crystal watch, consider whether you are willing to pay for expensive sapphire glass first, prioritize your needs, consider your budget, and find a high quality watch that will meet your expectations and last for years .

Caring for Your Sapphire Crystal Watch

   Sapphire crystal is very soft and flexible, so sapphire glass break easily, so it is necessary to care for sapphire glass watches.

Cleaning and maintaining

     Wipe the sapphire crystal with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any fingerprints or dirt.

   Use a mild soap solution and a soft-bristled brush to gently clean the sapphire crystal.

   Avoid using abrasive chemicals or rough materials as they can scratch or damage the crystal.

  Regularly maintain and service the watch to keep it in optimal condition. 

Storage and protection

   Store the watch in a safe and dry place away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

   Use a protective case or box to store the watch when not in use.

    Avoid wearing the watch during activities or sports that could damage the crystal.  

Repairs and replacements

   Replace the sapphire crystal if it becomes cracked or damaged beyond repair.

   Take the watch to an authorized repair center or jeweler for repairs or replacements.

Always ensure that repairs and replacements are performed by trained professionals to prevent further damage to the watch.

Overall, taking care of a sapphire crystal watch requires regular cleaning and maintenance, adequate storage and protection, and timely repairs or replacements as needed.  With proper care, a sapphire crystal watch can last for many years and maintain its beauty and functionality.


    In summary sapphire crystal is good for watches.Usually in luxury watches, sapphire crystal is preferred.  Sapphire is very strong and resistant to scratches — making it the first choice for fine timepieces.  Although sapphire is the more expensive of the three crystals, it has the advantage of resistance to scratches and breakage.


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