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The main factor you should consider before going to purchase a new wristwatch is the type of crystal used in the watch. Mineral glass, or sapphire crystal, is the transparent shell on a watch that protects the watch dial. Fortunately, crystals are available in different shapes, types, and sizes depending on the brand. Being the best watch manufacturer in China, we are going to provide you with enough details to choose the right watch based on the crystal type. We are also an OEM watch manufacturer, so if you are looking for an OEM watch manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us.

Though there are numerous options, you can opt for mineral or sapphire crystals that are in common use, and you might just be wondering which to choose. But, of course, each option offers certain advantages, and understanding these differences is vital to making the right choice.

There are Many Types of Watch Glass

Here are the diverse types of crystals you can go for when purchasing a new wristwatch:

  • Mineral crystals: This is the oldest known watch glass material, serving as the main watch guard. This crystal is quite strong thanks to the chemical and heat treatments the watch manufacturers deliver. It is a flexible and long-lasting option for watch lovers.
  • Sapphire crystals: During the 1930s, after its stint as a protector of the watch dial, this glass type gained more popularity. It is an extremely hard material, manufactured in the lab at high temperatures, thus letting you enjoy great scratch resistance. To offer you improved clarity, watch manufacturers in China are providing an anti-reflective coating on these watch glass types.
  • Acrylic crystal: This is plastic material, and is the most inexpensive, weakest, and easiest to scratch option for watch shells. However, these are lightweight and thus allow you to restore mild scratches. The flexibility is impressive and can transform into gorgeous visual distortions based on the angles.

Connection of Watches to Mineral Crystal and Sapphire Crystal

When considering a mineral crystal vs sapphire crystal, it is important to know their meaning and connection to watches. Here’s what you need to know:

Sapphire crystal

It is a synthetic material, and to extract the sapphire crystal, artisans crystallize the aluminum oxide under high temperatures. Aluminum oxide is sliced into preferred pieces to form a round material and then they polish it. After that, manufacturers make these slices available to clients.

The watch manufacturers in China dealing in watches with sapphire crystal have been gaining immense popularity, making their top space in the market and continuously manufacturing the most demanded watches.

Mineral crystal

Mineral crystals are made up of standard glass, so they are more prone to shattering and damage. However, these days, manufacturers heat standard glass crystals to extract mineral crystals under high temperatures. This substantially enhances its resistance to scratches, though scratch resistance in the mineral crystal is significantly poorer than in the sapphire crystal.

Conclusively, when compared with plastic crystals or acrylic crystals, the scratch resistance in the mineral crystal is greater, making the mineral crystal popular among fast fashion lovers.

Differences between Mineral Crystals Vs Sapphire Crystals

  • When we compare mineral crystals with sapphire crystals, the big disparity is in their prices. While sapphire crystals are manufactured, special tools are used to cut and polish these crystals into the desired forms. These high-cost tools result in the high cost of these crystals. This is not the case with mineral crystals.
  • Since sapphire crystals are harder, they are more resistant to scratches.

Sapphire crystals are more reflective than mineral glass.

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