China watch factory

China watch factory

  •   Watchessy is a professional China watch factory with 10 years experience.We supply ODM and OEM watch service for Customer from all the world. Our watch manufacturing experience, Strict quality control system and operating system enable us to provide quality watches with reasonable price. Whether you are looking for a new chinese watches manufacturer,We are your one-stop-shop solution from scratch and watch sample to mass production and final watch packaging.

What can watchessy do for you as a China watch factory? How can we do better than other watches makers

Watch design:

  •   If you want to design a watch or simply have a concept for your own watch design or scratch, our design team can assist you with the design. During the process we will help you verify the feasibility of your watch design and complete your design at the lowest cost. Our design team members have the rich experience and sensitivity to trends to help you design a watch that is cost effective and meets current aesthetics.

China watches factory

Watch Drawings and Prototyping:

  •     Technical watch drawings are necessary in order to accurately produce the designed product. Our team of technical engineers will quickly and accurately provide technical drawings and 2D and 3D models of the design to the customers to check. The three-dimensional 3D model drawings allow the customer to test the details of the watch from every angle.

        Because we are a watch factory Hence we can produce customized watch samples quickly.Our production team can produce the samples (such as watch case) with CNC prototyping equipment or purely by hand. The physical sample can facilitate the customer to check the watch quality and design, and also help us to correct some details at low cost. This can eliminate some unnecessary mistakes and reduce the risk and cost.

China watches factory

 Watch part supply

  •  As a factory watches china, we have been in the front line of watch production,then we know more about the watch products and the watches production process than the trading companies. Benefiting from a complete management and supplier system, therefore our watch parts are very cost effective. Our watch parts suppliers are also suppliers of other famous watch brands, so the quality is guaranteed. For example, our suppliers of watch hands, watch faces and plating factories are suppliers of other famous watch brands. In addition, all our movements come from Japan and Switzerland, such as Miyota, Seiko, Ronda or ETA.

watches parts

 Watches production process

    The whole production process is transparent, we will update the production progress in real time, and take photos or videos for our customers to confirm. This is because we understand that maintaining effective communication is the basis for maintaining the trust of our customers and clients.

   We have a complete watch assembly line and all watch parts must be inspected one by one before they go into assembly process. Because of the existence of watch parts errors, small-scale trial assemblies are necessary. Trial assembly can check the function of the watch parts and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

    Quality control and inspection are carried out at each stage of production.

    Because we are a chinese watch manufacturer, we have more control over the production process, so we are able to avoid some problems that often happen in production and reduce unnecessary losses. That is precisely what many watch trading companies cant not do.And the key to our success to deliver on the agreed delivery date and to guarantee quality.

    Watch packing is also important for watch.Our watch team will help you select the proper package design for you based on your needs. The package includes the box,tag,manual and so on. We know exactly how to pack and the packing requirements of each courier, therefore the way we pack can save shipping costs and also try to protect the watch from damage in transit.

   If you are a startup, we also can offer low MOQ watch for you, because we also provide wholesale watches from china for our customer from all over the world.

    If you have your own watch box supplier,you also can send your box and manual,then we also can pack the watches for your as your request. That’s we can do for our customer than watch supplier china. Because we have our own watch packaging department.

Watchessy watches factory China can offer the following addtional service

  If you are a watch designer ,startup or buyer, etc. or spend money on watch samples that need to go through a complicated company process, then you can request free samples from us. 

Watch certification

  We will assist our customers in obtaining product certifications such as CE, ROHS ,FCC and so on.

If the order is more than 300 piece,Rohs can be Free for you.

Watch CE Rohs

3D Watch Modeling & Rendering

   Nowadays the market is changing faster and faster, so it is important to be able to quickly react to watch trends quickly. And 3D watch rendering technology can help you bring your designs to life so that guests can view every detail of the watch and rectify the errors before production, reducing unnecessary mistakes and also speeding up the time to market.

   Secondly using 3D watch renderings online or on social media can boost sales and improve customer experience.

   Compared to other watches factories, our watch company has 3D rendering modeling team who have several years of experience in 3D watch design and professional watch knowledge. So they can quickly create high quality images for our guests to use online.

   Apart from 3D design watch model picture,We can also provide Free 3D watch videos if the  order is more than 500 piece.

Free watch tool

   Nowadays, the needs of customers are becoming more and more diverse. For example, watches are sold with multiple straps to match the different outfits of customers. Hence, customers need to match different straps according to the outfit of the day. Then they need a tool to change the straps.

    Another example is that some customers have thin wrists, then they also need to adjust the length of the strap. Tools to adjust the length of the strap are essential. And because the strap material is different, leather band, solid stainless steel strap and mesh bracelet need different tool.

   But don’t worry,no matter what tools is , we can provide them.and most of them are free of charge.

watch tool

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