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Diamond watches

Diamond Watches And Everything Associated With Them


Watches have always been one of the most intriguing devices manufactured by humans. The fascination arises from the fact that these devices have incredibly sophisticated and delicate mechanical parts despite being portable. An even more interesting fact is that all these sophistication remain enclosed inside a relatively tiny enclosure.

Diamond watches happen to be one of the most luxurious items that you can buy. Traditional jewelry is something that men can’t wear and carry easily. It’s one of those fashion departments that have always been catering to women. However, a timepiece studded with the most popular precious stone of all time does look good on men. You may run into counterarguments against this fact, but men can wear timepieces with diamond embossment.

However, some products have jewels installed within the mechanism instead of outside. Do you what it means? Why do watches have precious stones attached within the mechanism? Before delving into the details concerning timepieces with diamonds embossed on the exterior to improve its value and appearance, you should know about the purposes served by the stones attached inside.

Purposes served by rocks

diamond watchesWatches with diamond simply augment the luxuriousness factor. The gems attached inside the product, on the other hand, help to reduce or prevent friction. There are metal parts inside the device. When they move, the abrasion between the surfaces inside the machine can damage them.

Whenever metal rubs against metal during the absence of lubricating substances, the moving parts, such as the pivots and bearings can degrade quickly. As a result, the timepiece stops working after some time. There was a time when watch manufacturers used semi-precious stones, including rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, for this purpose. Today, however, they use synthetic varietals.

Men wear them too

Now, this topic is about the superficial use of diamonds on wristwatches. Unlike the friction-reduction purpose mentioned above, Watches with diamonds are the ones that you can wear to showcase your aristocracy, social status, and style. Whenever it comes to precious stones and other items that you generally notice on traditional jewelry, most people would say that they aren’t for men. However, this notion isn’t true.

As soon as you spot someone sporting a timepiece with a diamond-embossed bezel, you may think that “he’s one of those people.” At that moment or later, you won’t even be able to understand what you tried to mean by thinking those words. Then again, you do know that you don’t always see men wearing timepieces with diamonds studded on them. Naturally, it does tend to strike an impression. That individual was doing nothing apart from trying to make a statement.

Diamond-embossed timepieces for men

If you search the web, then you will find several renowned watch brands that sell gemstone-studded wristwatches for men. Instead of judging someone at first glance, you should try to contemplate why they wear such a timepiece. Specific products, though beautiful and elegant, won’t look stylish on the wrist of a lady, unless she is a professional wrestler, a bodybuilder, or something similar.

Of course, jewelry-inspired products do exist that are solely for women, but the ones crafted for men may not look good on them. When you take a look at the products, you will realize that these companies create watches for “one of those men.” You probably had a negative thought when your mind framed this statement, but you shouldn’t. In reality, it takes an incredible amount of confidence and security for a man to wear such a watch. It’s almost like wearing a pink-colored shirt.

Diamond-embossed timepieces for women

The main reason why only a few men are confident enough to wear Watches diamond is that the world associates precious stones usually with female products. Women are the ones who look beautiful, elegant, and bold in diamonds. Of course, many men wear wedding rings with a single diamond encrusted on them, but these trinkets remain almost under wraps.

According to popular belief, the addition of diamonds to any wristwatch, regardless of how big, sporty, or masculine it is, will always add a feminine touch to it. If you search the web, then you’ll find several products that require a few minor and almost negligible changes to make it distinguishably feminine. Here are a few other discernible factors.

  • The size of the case is too small.
  • Diamonds or gemstones embossed on the bezel or case.
  • Using the color white in the strap or the case.
  • The dial looking like the mother of pearl.
  • Using non-neutral shades.

Indeed, these elements don’t limit themselves to women’s timepieces, but they are obviously more common for such. So, many men may be in favor of diamond-encrusted wristwatches, but they may also feel a bit too effeminate, at the same time.

A comparative study

There is a massive difference between the reasons why men wear Watch with diamonds as opposed to women. A lady would choose diamonds and other gemstones more for the fashionable adornment and aesthetics that they have to offer. It doesn’t mean that a woman would avoid wearing diamonds to showcase her social status. Then again, you would run into an equal number of women who choose to wear inexpensive timepieces with artificial gemstones studded on them.

These women don’t emanate luxury but any means. They pick these watches only to wear them as an accessory that matches their outfit. Sometimes, they would choose such a timepiece to add a bit of bling to their wardrobe. At other moments, women simply want to attract the attention of onlookers and gain admiration. There is no better way to do it than wearing something that has big, shiny rocks attached to it.

This statement may sound derogation towards women, but, indeed, you will never notice a man wearing an inexpensive timepiece that has artificial diamond detailing. He won’t select such a product even if he is “one of those men” by your description. If he does wear a timepiece with diamonds attached to them, then you can be sure that it’s a product of some of the most significant wristwatch manufacturing brands. After all, a man needs that special charisma to wear diamond-encrusted timepieces that can blind you even if you’re wearing sunglasses.

Bling watches and men


So, what can make a man choose a shiny and incredibly costly product with diamonds attached to them? You notice a Watch with diamond on the wrist of a man who wants to showcase a statement of his social status. Apart from that, it can be a reflection of the achievements he made in his life, or as a trophy that declares his success. If considered deeply, then it may be a lifeline that he chose to get rid of insecurity or to feel empowered.

As gifts

It’s safe to conclude from the points given above that both men and women love a Diamonds watch. These products also happen to be one of the perfect gifts for the person you love. Instead of presenting clothes or electronics, you should consider treating your significant other to something that they will adore: diamond jewelry. Anything embossed with diamonds will keep on giving joy to your better half and show your loved one that you care for them. In that regard, here are a few gifting ideas.

Gifts for men

  1. Iced watches:Both genders love wristwatches, but men swoon over them. Timepieces studded with diamonds are a classic gifting item. They are at the forefront of the hip hop jewelry industry. Such a classy accessory will surely allow a man to showcase his style, personality, and prestige. It’s for the same reason that hip hop stars and celebs put on these extravagant watches. You can buy these products at affordable prices if you search for them in the right place.
  1. Diamond chains:Just like the diamond-encrusted timepiece, a chain made of gold and diamond is at the pinnacle of the hip hop jewelry department. You can fiddle between flashy, as well as understated trinkets that are available in a massive variety of styles and sizes to suit every man’s taste. One can wear a gold chain alone to create that classic look or with a bold, diamond-embossed pendant to make a statement. Regardless of the style that your man likes, a gold diamond chain can prove to be ideal for almost every occasion.
  1. Diamond studs:Piercing the ears has been one of the oldest forms of modifying the body. Both men and women have been doing it since the day of the first civilization. Over the years, diamond studs became indescribably popular, and hip hop stars had a significant role to play in bringing these ornaments under the limelight. Men’s diamond earrings passed through several stages of evolution. Today, they are available in a massive array of styles, sizes, and colors.

Gifts for women

  1. Iced watches:Indeed, just like the diamond-embossed timepieces of men, you will find counterparts of the same that look gorgeous on the delicate wrists of the love of your life. While many women wear wristwatches, a few don’t wear them at all. That’s why you should choose to gift a diamond-encrusted timepiece only if your lady love wears them regularly. Conversely, some women don’t enjoy wearing jewelry. For such a lady, Diamond watches for ladies would be the best gift. If you can lay your hands on the right item, then she won’t be able to avoid wearing it regardless of the occasion.
  1. Diamond bracelet:Another option for you to consider is a diamond-studded bracelet. Just like every other jewelry, a diamond bracelet is the perfect embodiment of value, beauty, sophistication, and prestige. It’s a timeless and classic accessory that your lady love can wear on almost every occasion. Pick a diamond bracelet from the right dealer and mesmerize her with its sparkle and radiance.
  1. Diamond hoop earrings:Diamond earrings aren’t a fashion staple for men only. They are a must-have for almost every woman. Hoop earrings are classic pieces that never went out of style. They are as relevant today as they were in the past. The only difference is that the trinkets of today feature diamonds. Every lady deserves to have a pair or several diamond hoop earrings in her collection.

How to buy

Now you will learn how to purchase a Diamond watch for men. The task is much more challenging than purchasing any other luxurious timepiece. In reality, it requires more attention, knowledge, and understanding that everything else. You should watch out for the following pointers.

  1. The stones:Of course, the size, quality, and the number of diamonds embossed on the product will dictate its price and appearance. The characteristics of the stones can range from decent-sized diamonds of impeccable quality, cut, and clarity to the ones that aren’t incredibly shiny. As long as you can afford it, you may choose a wristwatch with large diamonds embossed on it. The ration between the total carat weight of the diamonds and the number of stones can indicate the overall quality of the gems. Some watches have diamonds on the bezel, while others have them on the dial. A few products have diamonds on the sides of the case, but you will also encounter fully iced-out timepieces.
  1. The case:The most common material used in manufacturing this part of the watch is stainless steel. It’s resilient, versatile, and can accommodate almost any type of finish. However, every stainless steel wristwatch case isn’t the same. If you want the best piece, then look for “all stainless steel” products.
  1. The movement:It’s the heart and soul of a timepiece. The most preferred and prestigious movements come with the “Swiss” label on them. These products are very costly. Quartz watches are the ones that run on a battery. They are reliable and accurate within milliseconds. You should know that the quality of the movement of the watch will determine its resistance capabilities. Products with inept movement are susceptible to damages and defects.
  1. The dial:If you want to purchase such a luxurious product simply because you wanted to have one all your life, then the dial design may not be vital to you. However, for watch connoisseurs, the dial design can make or break the deal. The most common material used in manufacturing the dial is brass. The softness of this metal lets a manufacturer achieve incredibly detailed patterns on the dial. Other, more exotic materials include mother of pearl that has a lovely iridescent sheen.
  1. The strap:It’s one of those parts of a wristwatch that you can change whenever you want. Then again, paying attention to the default band is crucial. It can tell you a lot about what the original designer and manufacturer wanted to bestow upon the product. A leather strap with alligator embossments is perfect for a dress watch. Silicone rubber straps are worthwhile if you want your timepiece to exude sporty vibes. Finally, genuine alligator straps or bands made of other exotic materials describe the item as a specialty device.

To end

With the information provided in this guide, you should be able to pry out a reliable and durable yet profoundly luxurious and classy timepiece that deserves to be on the wrist of a distinguished person like you. Just follow the guidelines mentioned here while searching for the right product.

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