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    Free watch samples provided by watch factories are promotional items that are offered to potential customers at no cost. These free watches are typically based on existing inventory and help potential customers evaluate the quality and style of the watches produced by the factory. The goal of providing watches free samples is to build trust with potential customers by allowing them to see and experience the watches firsthand.

    If you want to get free watches or custom watches with logo, we are very willing to help you realize this desire. We can help customers with the entire process from watches scratch to mass watch manufacturing, and there is continuous after-sales service.  

    If a customer is interested in a custom-made watch, they will typically need to pay for the custom logo watches. The customer can customize the watch case, strap, watch crystal,hand,dial,etc. And the customer will choose the watch movement based on their watch function (Chronograph, date/window,dual time, GMT, etct). That’s called the OEM watch.

    That sometimes, watches factories may offer free samples for custom-made watches if there are special circumstances. Hence, customers can inquire about the possibility of receiving a free sample for a custom logo watch (such as by emailing our watch factory).

What to do with your free watch sample?

    Upon receiving the free sample watches, thoroughly examine the watch and evaluate its quality and style.

   Test the functionality of the watch by setting the time, using any additional features (such as chronograph,dual time), and checking the accuracy of the watch’s timekeeping

   Assess the overall appearance of the watch and the water resistance, paying attention to the design, materials, and finishing.

     If you encounter any issues with the watch, be sure to communicate them clearly and provide any necessary documentation or photographs to support your feedback. Remember that your feedback can help the watch factory improve their products and better serve their customers in the future.

      In conclusion, free watch samples provided by watch factories are a great way for potential customers who want to create own watch brand to evaluate the quality and style of the watches produced by a particular factory. By providing these samples, watch factories can build trust with potential customers and gather valuable feedback to improve their products. If you’re interested in obtaining a free watch sample, consider reaching out to a watch factory directly and following their guidance on how to request a sample.

Customize your own watch

  Watchessy is a OEM & ODM watches manufacturer & factory in China which can Provide watch manufacturing services for small and middle watch brands with competitive price. We are your one-stop-shop solution to custom watch design, watch manufacturing and Watch package box

customize your own watch

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