How to Create your watch brand

Do you have a plan to start your own watch brand, or are you looking for a new supplier for your current watch brand? If so, you may be wondering how much it will cost to get started.

When you conducted market research,you will find the watch industry is highly competitive. Some old watch brand like Timex,Fossil,Michael Kors seem have taken over the majority of the market.But with correct business strategy and close cooperation with watch supplier, some new brand like MVMT,Daniel Wellington,Olivia Burton, Cluse, Rosefiled and other young brand have broken though their tight encirclement and made a huge success.

Some entrepreneurs are encouraged by the success of Daniel Wellington and MVMT,Hence they want to step into watch business and try to figure out why they can succeed. One of the secrets to their success is that they partnered with an experienced professional who can handle every aspect of the watch business, from guidance and creative direction to watch design and manufacturing, to packaging and pricing.

When you start your watch brand or find a new watch manufacturer,You’ll need to consider:

Market research


Watch design

Watch manufacturing

Set the retail watch price

Let us explain more about those 5 points.

Market research

Once you decide to step in to the watch business, you need do some market research.That will help you to find where your potential customer are and what kind of watch they like.

Then you will have a general idea of the watch style to matches your target audience’s expectations.

And you also know your watch brand position is.for instance,Is your brand like Daniel Wellington .Or you want to start a new smartwatch brand like apple.


.Watch purchase cost,delivery cost and Storage charges


.How to sell the watches( e-commerce,brick-and-mortar stores,wholesale,etc)

Different sales model and marketing channel decides the market price and selling expenses.

You will need to build an attractive website if you want to sell your watches online. Your website should include a page about your company, a page for contact information, a page for shopping, a privacy policy, and links to social media.then the customer can know you easily.

Especially shopping page are important.It should have beautiful watch image,watch specification,shipping day,return and exchange policy.

More complicated website and content means more cost.

Or If you have watches store in your city,the budget should contain the store rent,employee salary,etc.

  .Marketing expense

        As we said before,the watch industry is highly competitive,so it’s vital to draw up a perfect and careful marketing plan.

Generally social medial marketing is one of the fastest methods to promote your brand and build a loyal audience group.You can post the high quality product image ,high content ,useful tips like how to change the strap,how to adjust the strap length.

If the followers have any question,please answer them within 24 hours.

In order to strengthen the bond with followers, you should regularly organize activities that they can participate in. The activities can be based on their complaints, what style of watch they want, and what change they want to make based on current model etc.

If you have adequate budget,you also attend local events and trade shows to increase the influence and gain more awareness.

Watch design

Now that you know what your watch will look like and how much it will cost, it’s time to start thinking about the design. Based on the cost and target audience,you can work with a professional watch design company like watchessy to create your watch.our design team can draw a 2D engineering files to start bringing it to life.

After finalizing 2D files,if you want,we can provide 3D watch model so you can see and feel what it look like and how it come together.

We offer a flexible system that can accommodate your needs, whether you are heavily involved in the project or prefer to take a more hands-off approach. We have a lot of experience and knowledge, so we can not only make sure that each watch is perfect, but also save on the cost of making the watch.

At the same time custom designs and business secrets will be protected all the time.

how to create your watch brand

Watch manufacturing

watches manufacturingNow the watch design are confirmed and you are satisfied with that,you need find a watches manufacturer to produce them.

Even though there are thousands of watch manufacturers in the market, finding an appropriate watch supplier can be one of the hardest parts. It also take a lot of time and efforts to select supplier.

Giving an example,Some entrepreneurs prefer the big watch manufacturers because they think big watches factory have guaranteed watches quality. but the big watches factory require a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces. Many new entrepreneurs cannot afford such a high initial order quantity.

Some factories produce products that are only meant for sale in a specific region. For example, factories that produce products for the Middle East market would not be suitable for European customers.

If you choose to work with watchessy watch factory to make your watches,there is n need to worry.we take care of the watches supply chain and watch manufacturing.

We also help you with packaging(box,manual,etc) as that is an integral part of the branding experience.

It’s a good idea to confirm the box style and watch design together to make sure the entire brand reflects your brand style and image.

We also provide after sale assurance and inspection and certification service when required.

Set the retail price to make sure you can gain proper profits

In order to find the right price,you will clearly understand your watch cost,storage charge,office cost,marketing expense and so on.

If your watch brand is high quality expensive watches,you can refer to other luxury watch brand ,you can study those brand prices,watch styles and so on.

If your watch brand position is fashion and minimalistic style with a affordable price like Daniel wellington,based on our experience,it’s a simple rule that the retail price is 3~6 times the purchase cost.If you want to sell more watches and your expand brand influence,you can choose 3 times the purchase price.

Let’s work together to create or expend your own watch brand!

Starting a watch business is exciting and challenging,if you have a proper watch manufacturer,appropriate product and you have a good team,you can easily build a successful watch brand.

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