How to find a watch manufacturer

      Finding a reliable watch manufacturer is crucial for anyone who want to create your own watch brand.  A reliable manufacturer can ensure that your watches are made to your exact specifications, meet industry watch standards, and are delivered on time and within budget.  

      When it comes to watches, quality ,service and on-time delivery is paramount.  Customers expect their watches to be accurate, durable, and visually appealing.  Therefore, it’s important to work with a watch manufacturer who has experience and expertise in producing watches that meet these standards.  A reliable watch manufacturer can also offer advice and guidance throughout the production process, helping you make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

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How to find a watch manufacturer

   Attend a watch trade show

        You can see hundreds of watches manufacturers.then you can discuss the private label watch design,check their products quality,compare their price and service. Besides you can get information about your competitors.

Based on the products,prices and marketing strategies provided by contenders,you can develop immediate and long-terms plans for your watch business. Moreover if you are a watch starup,you can learn more about watches trend and watch manufacturing process.

Recommended Exhibitions:Hongkong Watch and Clock Fair, Shenzhen Watch and Clock Fair and Canton Fair,Baselworld,Geneva International Watch and Clock Fair.

watches trade show

   Use search engine to find a watch manufacturer

   You can source the watches factory by Google,Bing or Yahoo.if you want to find a Swiss watch manufacturer,you can search watch manufacturer Swiss in google.

watches manufacturers in Swiss

   Local B2B Website

     You can publish your request information though local B2B website.So that some watches supplier will come to contact with you.

     You also can search for a watch supplier through local websites too.For instance,if you are in Germany,you can choose one of local B2B website like

     After typing watches then you choose watch supplier.then you can see watch supplier list.but the supplier quantity is not very large.that means you have less options.

find a watch supplier

Watch manufacturers in china

     China is the largest manufacturer in the world. China produces millions of watches every year and at lower prices than watch manufacturers in other countries such as the United States, Switzerland and Germany.

   As a result, it is the choice of most popular watch brands such as Daniel Wellington,Oliver burton, and Fossil.

  Some Swiss watch brand parts are made in China too like TAG Heuer,IWC,Tissot. Therefore watch made in China is also high quality.In China there are main B2B,Made-in and

       Use as an example,when you type watches by searching watches manufacturer in China,you will find thousands of suppliers.But you will find some supplier are trading company and even some of the factories are not real factories even though they are labeled as “Manufacturer”.


Alibaba watches manufacturer

     Too many watches suppliers increase your workload and make you confused and even doubt why the price difference is so great for seemingly the same watches.You will spend months trying to find the right manufacturer ,may not end up producing the watches what you want.Especially if you don’t have any experience doing business with Chinese watch company,It’s extremely difficult to find a qualified wrist watch manufacturer.

Here we have listed some of the leading Watch manufacturers in china for you.

    Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch

  If your products is wood watches,Shenzhen Zhongshi watch is a good option for you.they entered the watch production field in 2006. For ten years, they has been specializing in wooden and bamboo watches. They actually have the most extensive bamboo and wood factories in the country.          

Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch

      Watchessy is a OEM & ODM watches manufacturer & factory in Shenzhen China which can Provide watch manufacturing services for small and big watch brands with Competitive price. watchessy work with both automatic movements and quartz movements including Swiss ETA, ISA, Ronda, Miyota and Seiko movements

       One of watchessy’s Advantage is if their case and strap are in stock,the MOQ can be 50piece. 50piece order can help the customers to test the market.Even if the case are out of the stock,the MOQ can be 300~500pcs.

       By taking advantage of watchessy’s Advanced Watch Photography, you will get the best photos in the industry, leaving you with time to focus on your core business.

    Meigeer Watch

     Established in 1997, Meigeer has been a professional OEM & ODM watch manufacturer for more than 20 years.with total 300+ talented workers and the capacity of producing approx 1.0 million complete watches per year.   

       But their MOQ is 500pcs stainless steel watch and 3000pcs alloy watches. 



  Montrichard group is a very experienced watch manufacturer allowing to quickly answer to demanding requirements.And one of their advantage is END-TO-END SMARTWATCH SOLUTIONS.If your products is smart watches,Montrichard is a good option for you


       Established in 1986, they has become a key watch manufacturer in Hong Kong and China with offices in Hong Kong, China and Germany.

      Their advantage is that they are experienced in producing complete and semi-assembled watches for Certified Swiss Made watches.

        If you are find for a custom watch manufacturer or If you are creating an e-commerce watch brand, hope this watch manufacturer list can help you. 


Conclusion-how to find a watch manufacturer

       finding a reliable watch manufacturer is crucial for who want to start a watch brand that meet industry standards. It requires careful research, evaluation, and communication to choose the right watch supplier for your watch brand. Fortunately, China has become a hub for reliable and cost-effective watch manufacturing.By partnering with a Chinese watch manufacturer, you can access a wide range of quality watches, and enjoy benefits such as lower production costs, faster turnaround times, and flexible production volumes. Therefore, it’s essential to consider Chinese watch manufacturers when searching for a reliable manufacturing partner. Take the time to research, evaluate, and make informed decisions to ensure that you find a watch manufacturer who can deliver the watches you envision and help your watch business thrive.

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