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What is a luxury watch

    Luxury watches are made of high quality materials, intricate detail and high end brand name. High quality materials refer to 316L, 904L stainless steel, tungsten steel, titanium and other materials, as well as anti-reflictive Sapphire crystal and other anti-friction materials. Watch parts made of these materials are durable. This also means that luxury watches are usually more expensive than regular watches.


    The very first thing is to check some facts and information, does not matter what luxury watches brand one is choosing it. Let’s enlist some of the points:

  1. Watch movements
  2. Complications(watch function)
  3. Perfect size
  4. Ideal Style of Luxury watches men and women
  5. Case material
  6. Strap quality

Watch movement

     The movement (also known as “calibre”) is the engine of the watch, the power source that runs the watch and its functions. The movement is the heart of any watch. Movements are what resonate most with people when they are familiar with the workings of the program. They are divided into three main parts: mechanical movements, quartz movements and automatic movements.

Mechanical movement

     A mechanical watch is one that uses a winding mechanism to measure the passage of time, as opposed to a quartz watch (which uses the vibration mode of a piezoelectric quartz tuning fork).Mechanical watches are wound so that the seconds movement runs smoothly. Mainstream or watch strings are 9 to 13 inches long. The longer the string, the more powerful the mechanical watch. However, mechanical leather watches not only have the function of owning, but also reflect the craftsmanship of the past golden age. Generally speaking Swiss and Japanese mechanical movements are of very high quality. In particular, Swiss made mechanical movements are the first choice for Luxury watches.

Quartz movement

     When it comes to quartz watches, people think of accurate timekeeping displays.  The difference of quartz and mechanical watch is that quartz watch uses batteries as its main source of power.  The battery sends an electric current through a quartz crystal that causes the crystal to vibrate and move the watch hand It requires less maintenance and is cheaper than many men’s luxury watches.  Nowadays, quartz movement manufacturers mainly come from Switzerland, Japan, China and other countries.  From a technical point of view, there is not much difference between the Swiss and Japan movements But the emphasis is different.  The Japanese quartz movement pays more attention to function, and the Swiss quartz movement pays more attention to process. Many people will mistakenly think that luxury watch brands movement is mechanical, in fact, many high end brand like Omega  still retain luxury quartz watch collection.

Quartz gmt watch luxury watch brand

Automatic movement

     This is a mechanical movement that is self-winding. It is powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist and winds itself automatically. Therefore, unlike a manual mechanical movement, it does not need to be wound manually. If the watch is not worn for a long period of time, it stops functioning and it is only then that it needs to be wound manually.

   vs quartz movement, automatic movements also do not require a battery but automatic movements are not as accurate as quartz movements. Because of the delicate and intricate details of automatic movements, which represent a high level of technology and artistry, automatic movements are currently the preferred movement for mens luxury watch and women’s luxury watch. Swiss automatic movement manufacturers such as ETA and Sellita are currently the preferred choice of luxury watch brands. Of course, if you’re looking for a luxury watch under $500, Japan automatic movements are also a good choice.



   A complication is any function of a watch other than telling time. Complications include both simple and normal functions. Simple function are those that display the day of the week, calendar, month, etc. Complications are moon phases, chronograph, GMT, etc. Luxury watches come with some complications, depending on which one you prefer.

Perfect size

   Case size can enhance your looks or may end up looking messy. If your wrist size is big going with big dials is preferable. Although women go with small dial watches due to the smaller wrist than men. The correct way to know about the proportion factor is to try out some relevant options and asking friends and families and consider honest feedback.

    This will define the looks and thus we can count this too in the points while buying luxury leather wristwatches.

Ideal Styles Luxury Watches for Men and Women

     The most important thing to understand is the purpose for which you are choosing a watch.Whether it is a man or a woman, they have to determine whether they are going to use the luxury watch occasionally for important occasions or every day. It must harmonize with one’s personality style.
      There are many watches to choose from such as dress watches, field watches, diving watches, pilot or aviator watches and racing watches. They all have unique features, styles and quality. This helps people to identify the watch that matches their personality style. For example, if you often travel cross-country, you need to choose a luxury watch with GMT or Dual time function to help you determine the local time. Different features and styles of watches come in different bezels, straps, watch faces and other styles.

Case material

     Watch manufacturers have experimented with a variety of materials to develop high quality cases for luxury watch production. Today’s cases for luxury watch brands are generally made of gold, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic and other high-end materials. Stainless steel is the most widely used material, as it strikes a balance between different performance indicators. Rolex, for example, has always claimed to be the first watch brand to use 904L, and has long used 904L stainless steel as a selling point, claiming that 904L is used in high-tech industries such as aerospace.

Strap quality

    When choosing a strap for a luxury watch, the quality of the strap is of great concern. Most luxury watch watches come with stainless steel and leather straps, with a few choosing rubber straps. stainless steel straps and belts are very durable and environmentally friendly. The 316L and 904L steel straps with full grain leather are the best.


   Well, the answer is this question is complex and it completely depends upon what luxury watch is one talking about. The luxury Leather brand watches range from low to high. However, quality products always expensive and no one can deny about the high feature it holds.
Hence, it is advisable to look for a luxury watch at an affordable price that undoubtedly renders quality, durability, and goes with the latest fashion trends.


    To summarize, when buying an expensive luxury watch or Start a luxury watch business, it is important to have some knowledge about how the watch works, components and features. Therefore, we hope that the above points will help to solve all the confusions regarding luxury watch designs and styles. Because luxury watches never go out of fashion, it is always worth spending on a quality product that can even be passed on as an heirloom to future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

For stainless steel watches,if the case are in stock,the MOQ can be 100pcs each style.and you can mix 2 colors.
If the stainless steel case is out of the stock,the MOQ is 300pcs and you can mix 3~6 colors.
For alloy material,the MOQ is 500pcs each style,and you can mix 3~5 colors.

We have  professional designer team to assist you to create your own watch brand or design.

And our top-watch designer can ensure only the highest-quality output.

The watch can be delivered  by DHL,Fedex and so on .Sea,train and plain are also available.

Yes,we are a  professional watch manufacturer about 10 years. The OEM and ODM order are acceptable.

For stainless steel watch,the warranty is about 2 years caused by manufacturing.

For alloy watch,the warranty is 1 year warranty.

Please contact us if you have more special request.

For stainless steel watch,if the case is in stock,the mass production time is about 30~35 days.

If the case is out of the stock,the mass production time is 45~60 days.

For alloy watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

For Silicone watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

Customer will need pay for the watch mold if you have a custom design.And the mold belong to the customer.

Watch sample mold can be used for sample and mass production watch making.There is no need to pay for a mass production mold.

You can have your logo on back of case,buckle,dial and crown.

If you have special request,please contact us.

30% deposit and 70% before shipment.

If we have a long-term business cooperation,then  more flexible payment terms are acceptable.

We can provide box,manual,and warranty card.

In additional,we also offer watch cloth for the customer to clean the watches.

And the watch tool can be offer to help the customer to adjust the band length.

Some box MOQ without logo can be 50pcs.

watches manufacturer in China

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