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Mens Dress watch

   A timepiece that pairs with formal attire or a tuxedo, Mens Dress watches become a trend. The dress watch is the simplest and most elegant of all watch types, paying tribute to the tradition and beauty of the art of watchmaking.Not just blazers and ties, but men have worn them with jeans and polo as wellas well. This shows how mandatory it has become for men to complete dressing. However, something that is essential today, was it like that always?

Background of Dress Watch for Men

    Before the 20th century, women wore dress watches. They were more like another piece of ornament that they would use to embellish. Men were using pocket watches. So to the question of how did dress watch come into existence for men, the credits for the same go to the military. After that, men began strapping their watches. Hence, Best men dress watch came into existence.

Men’s Dress Watch Supplier

    Are you looking for a supplier for dress men’s watches? They provide automatic dress watches,luxury dress watch,nice dress watches etc. Watchessy is a name you can reach. It has been dealing in OEM and ODM watches. The team comprising professional designers, engineers, and other skilled workers are all that you need to reach to design your own dress watch.

Core Features Of Dress Watch for men

    Just like elegant formal attire, a nice dress watch has many reasons to be added to the collection.
A dress watch symbolizes style, class, elegance, and what not? Here is how a dress watch depicts these:

Slim case

   Usually, a dress watch has a slim case. It makes it an easy and perfect fit to be worn under formal attire.That’s why the movement chosen is also Slim. Dress watch comes many times shape like round,square, octagon, etc. Some people wonder if dress watch can be with diamond. Because Diamonds don’t seem to suit mens dress watch. Today, it is clear that luxury dress watches can come with diamonds and the diamonds in such watches are usually set on the bezel.

Precious case material

   Mostly, dress watches case are made of carbon fiber, titanium, stainless steel, yellow, white, and rose gold. Some of them also consist of platinum.

Leather strap or metal band

   Typically, leather straps are a part of men’s dress watches. However, these can be smooth or textured, and some can even be with a slim mesh bracelet or stainless steel band.

Choosing dress watch

    The basic role that a mens black dress watch carries is to compliment the outfit the gentleman has to wear. Coming to the point! How to pick a nice dress watch that goes along with the attire to be worn?

Properly Proportioned

   First, a dress watch needs to be in proportion to the wrist of the person wearing it. It is classy and deserves all the eyes. However, drawing all the attention to itself is one thing that a dress watch should not do.


    As a dress watch has to complement formal attire, it should be thin for being able to slip in as well as out of the cuff of the shirt without any difficulty. Do not forget that your watch should also go with metals and leathers of the shoes and belt.


   After learning and considering these must-haves, another thing that you should have in your watch is simplicity. After all, simplicity has elegance. Most mens dress watches do not come with complications such as chronograph,tachymeter, but some can have a date window or even a second hand.


   Now, it is about the presentation, because what’s presented is what’s remembered! Just like the other traits, it needs to be simple too. For hour marker on dial, you can pick Roman numbers. If you are going for Arabic numerals, it should be small. Next is the bezel, which shouldn’t be much embellished.

Picking different design for dress watches

   Just like when choosing cars and attires, one can also have preferences for watches. After all, the idea of a dress watch can change from what it was a half-century ago. The characteristics of the watch define it, but they are not any strict laws for you to abide by. So, here is how you can pick dress watches for different occasions.


  Most men have a suit that is only meant to be worn at a wedding or a similar event. So whenever an event like this strikes, you need a dress watch to complement it. However, if you do not want to pick the same watch that you did for the business conference, here is what you can consider:

–         The time-only

–         Black Dial

–         Dressy metal accents

–         Economical Price Point


We always compare the term old with gold, which means the old classical looks have their grace. So, if you are looking for something that falls under vintage collection, here is what you need to take into consideration:

–         Classical Styling

–         White dial

–         Durable construction

–         Leather Strap

–         Light Patina


  In this article, you had a closer look at mens dress watches. You learned when they came into existence, which is the 20th century. You also realized its appearance. By the time you read it, you already have a better understanding of dress watch.

   Guess what! This article also composed of features to look for when purchasing dress watches. However, just like changes are embraced everywhere, you can have different choices for picking the nice men’s dress watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

For stainless steel watches,if the case are in stock,the MOQ can be 100pcs each style.and you can mix 2 colors.
If the stainless steel case is out of the stock,the MOQ is 300pcs and you can mix 3~6 colors.
For alloy material,the MOQ is 500pcs each style,and you can mix 3~5 colors.

We have  professional designer team to assist you to create your own watch brand or design.

And our top-watch designer can ensure only the highest-quality output.

The watch can be delivered  by DHL,Fedex and so on .Sea,train and plain are also available.

Yes,we are a  professional watch manufacturer about 10 years. The OEM and ODM order are acceptable.

For stainless steel watch,the warranty is about 2 years caused by manufacturing.

For alloy watch,the warranty is 1 year warranty.

Please contact us if you have more special request.

For stainless steel watch,if the case is in stock,the mass production time is about 30~35 days.

If the case is out of the stock,the mass production time is 45~60 days.

For alloy watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

For Silicone watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

Customer will need pay for the watch mold if you have a custom design.And the mold belong to the customer.

Watch sample mold can be used for sample and mass production watch making.There is no need to pay for a mass production mold.

You can have your logo on back of case,buckle,dial and crown.

If you have special request,please contact us.

30% deposit and 70% before shipment.

If we have a long-term business cooperation,then  more flexible payment terms are acceptable.

We can provide box,manual,and warranty card.

In additional,we also offer watch cloth for the customer to clean the watches.

And the watch tool can be offer to help the customer to adjust the band length.

Some box MOQ without logo can be 50pcs.

watches manufacturer in China

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