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What are moon phase watches &how does it work?

What are  moon phase watches?

A moon phase watch is defined as the watch that operates depending on the 29.5-day lunar cycle by depicting the current moon phase on the dial. Such a watch is also known as a moon phase complication. In such a watch, the word complication refers to any feature on a watch that is not directly related to the time display. A moon phase watch is the mankind’s effective way of describing the luminous portion of the moon as it orbits the planet. Similarly, the moon phase watches represent the moon in its current phase of the lunar cycle with the help of the aperture to hide any non-luminous parts.

The moon phase watches are one of the earliest watch mechanisms ever developed. These moon phase complications generally involve placing two identical moons on a disc under the dial. The controlling process of the movement of the disc is done by a 59-tooth driving wheel, which uses a mechanical finger to advance the disc once per day. After the prescribed 29.5day lunar cycle is completed, the second moon is seen to be appearing in the aperture. The details of the moon disc depend on the design of the dial and aperture whereas the driving wheel remains a constant throughout.

Most of the moon phase watches are consistently accurate, however, it is found that the standard 59-tooth driving wheels are limited in their precision. As a result, the standard moon phase watches are found to be completely off by a full day once every two years, seven and a half months. On the other hand, the luxury brands are known to employ a 135-tooth driving wheel to provide an extra boost to accuracy. Such watches are known to be off for a day after 122 years, as opposed to seven and a half months,

In the current age of modernisation, there is a seamless access to data and these moon phase watches do not comply with urgency. So, the main reasons for the increasing demand of these moon phase watches include the historic origins of the complication itself. This ensures that each piece is known to possess some prime vintage allure. In fact, the modern appeal has more to do with the fact that the moon phase complications look awesome in such a way as if your wristwatch is telling you a story.

There are 2 major types of moon phase complications in watches. The most common type is known as the bosom moon phase watch, which considers a graphical approach by physically showing the moon and the various phases inside of a crescent-shaped aperture. The other type of moon phase watches is known as the radial moon phase watch which uses an indicator hand to track the lunar cycle.

watches with moon phaseHow to set a moon phase watches?

It has been found out that the most common question regarding moon phase watches is how to set a moon phase watch. The process of setting up the moon phase watch begins with the in-depth understanding of the lunar cycle. As we have already mentioned, the lunar cycle is 29.53 days. This is the primary reason why the moon phase watches have a 59-tooth gear. 29.5 times two makes it 59 which allows the two identical moons to rotate through the aperture with more accuracy.

The steps involved in setting up a moon phase watch includes:

Determine the phase of moon: After understanding the lunar cycle in depth, the next step is to determine what the current phase of the Moon is. This is probably the most easiest step as this is done by simply checking the internet. Once we have determined the current moon phase, we then find out whether it is waxing that is, it refers to the cycling of no moon to full moon, or if the moon is waning, which is full moon to no moon. Once the phase of the moon is determined, it is suggested to move to next step of setting the moon phase on the dial.

Next set the moon phase: The next step includes setting the watch to 6:30. This is considered as a precaution to make sure that no damage is caused to any of the mechanisms in the complication. This step is done by pressing the corrector on the case side to advance the moon phase as the moon advances a little every time. It is highly recommended to count the number of days it has been since the last new moon or full moon. This is primarily done to recognize the phases on the aperture. If it has been found out that it has been eight days since the last full moon, you need to then advance the moon phase till it becomes a full moon. All you need to do then is press the corrector seven more times to account for seven days.

Lastly set the date: The final step in setting up a moon phase watch is to set the date on the watch one day behind. It should be made sure while setting the time, to cycle through one whole day to get to the correct day. Then notice how the date changes right at midnight but the moon phase does not advance till just after 1 a.m. This guarantees you that the date is now correct, the am/pm is correct and so is the moon phase. 

The only thing left to do now is to enjoy the whimsical complication. The moon phase watch ensures to bring to life the natural world through this stunning watch innovation. If you are looking to purchase such moon phase watches of high quality, contact us right away for the most affordable moon phase watches.

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