Seiko movements are known as the preferred choice of watch makers or enthusiasts for their reliable quality and durability features. One of the best is nh34 movement, and this blog provides you with a comprehensive guide to help you understand nh34.

nh34 movement

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Nh34 movement

   Nh34 is an automatic mechanical movement made by Seiko Instruments and is based on Seiko 3R34 automatic movement. What makes NH34 special is that it is a gmt movement, so nh34 watch has 4 hands, the fourth hand is called the gmt hand.
   Seiko nh34 movement runs at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (vph). The movement has 24 jewels to help reduce friction and increase accuracy. It also offers a power reserve of about 41 hours, ensuring reliable timekeeping even if we do not wear it for a day or two. We know nh34 movement for its ruggedness and durability, making it a favorite among watch enthusiasts.


Nh34 grade

   Nh34 caliber was released in 2022 and nh34 is the basic number of the movement. The letters stand for movement updates and A in NH34 stands for the first generation movement. Currently, since NH34 was only released last year, there is no NH34B movement for the time being, meaning no update has taken place.

Nh34 price

   The NH34 price is roughly $50 USD, so nh34 watch typically costs $100 to $200 USD.

Nh34 vs nh35

   Nh34 and nh35 movements are both automatic mechanical movements manufactured by Seiko Instruments. They have many similarities, but also some key differences.

 Date Display

     Nh34 movement has a date wheel at 4:30 and the NH35A has a date wheel at 3 o’clock. This results in an original position of the dial and hands in the watch model.

Stem height difference

   The stem is used for the part of the movement that is connected to the crown and the case. The stem height is 7.50 mm for the NH34A and 6.00 mm for the NH35A. This may affect compatibility with some case and crowns, as the stem height must match the case and crown specification.

 Watch hand quantity

  Nh35 movement is a 3-hand movement, while the nh34 is a 4 hand movement with an additional GMT seceond hand.

Different bezels or dial

  NH34 watch is usually equipped with 24 hour bezel or 24 hour dial, which is convenient for travelers to read the time in different time zones. The NH35 does not have this special requirement.

Nh34 case,dial and hand

   As mentioned above, because of NH34 gmt function, NH34 dial or NH34 case must have a 24-hour indication. In addition, the end of the NH34 gmt hand is usually in the shape of a triangle, snowflake, moon, etc., and the color of the GMT hand is brighter and brighter to distinguish it from the normal hour hand.

nh34 gmt hand


   In conclusion nh34 is a reliable and robust automatic mechanical movement that is widely used in many watches. Its specifications such as frequency, power reserve and number of jewels make it a popular choice among watch enthusiasts. Although nh34 shares similarities with NH35 movement, it has its own unique features and characteristics. You can find high quality NH34 gmt watch at Watchessy, they are accurate in timekeeping and durable.

   In addition, as a professional watch supplier, watchesy offers different case, hand, strap, and face designs to ensure that there is always a watch that suits your style and preference.

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