ODM and OEM Watch manufacturer

ODM and OEM watch manufacturer

    Watchessy is a quality OEM and ODM watch manufacturer in China established 10 years ago.

   In order to help our customer to meet their OEM and ODM watch needs ,We have established a flexible watch design process, a professional manufacturing system, and a strict quality control management process. 

     We can customize  watches according to the design or idea provided by the customerOEM WATCH). You can also choose some of our existing watches, add your own logo and make some minor changesODM WATCH). Your OEM and ODM needs can be met in our company based on a comprehensive watch design and manufacturing service. 

odm watch manufacturer

How to manufacture watches

Watch design or concept:

   If you have your own design or concept,please send the design files or watch scratch to our sale or share your watch idea with our sale.then our OEM  and ODM team are available to discuss the feasibility of your watch design and save money by selecting the right watch parts based on your budget.

    Our design team can provide trendy design and give practical solution to achieve the watch design your brand needs.

    If your budget is limited,you can choose the current watches style from our watch collection and send your logo to us.Then our designer can draw 2D drawing with your logo.Of course you can change the watches detail like watch case color,watch face,hand,strap.

Watch Drawing:

   Once the watch design is confirmed, our team of engineers will use CAD and other software to provide engineering drawings for our customers to check and keep. Our engineer will calculate the construction of parts of a wrist watch to achieve your design with lower cost.

    Our experienced watch designer will deliver complete 2D or 3D models and renders of your designs quickly and accurately.

   At the same time,depending on the watch design and order quantity,we will offer a watch quotation for you.

watch drawing

OEM and ODM watches mass production

   If you are satisfied with the watch sample or you would like to make some minor changes on samples,we will modify before mass production.

    We will start to manufacture the bulk order watches after 30% deposit are paid.

    The watches parts will be produced according to our drawings. After watch production, each watch component is inspected before assembling process to prevent defective parts from entering the assembly process.

  After the parts of a watch are inspected, a small-scale trial fitting performed to test whether there are any problems with the assembly of the watch part, the water resistance and reliability of the watch, and so on.

   When the trial assembly is completed, we will also conduct strict appearance and function tests on each semi-finished and finished watch during the mass assembly process to ensure that our customers get high quality watch products.The functions here are not only the basic functions of hour, minute and second hand or Date/Week, but also some multi-functions like chrono,moonphase,dual time,gmt,etc.

    During the watches production,if there is any update,you will be informed by picture and video.Because we understand the importance of reliable timely delivery service and always communicate closely with our customer during all the period.

   Watch box packaging is an extension of the watch brand. Our team can discuss packaging options based on your brand positioning, watch style and assist you in deciding on the right packaging. The packaging includes the watch box, instruction manual, Barcode, etc.

Watches box
watch certification

Watches Certifications

   In order to ensure consumer safety, watches sold to Europe or the United States generally need to meet certain standards. For example, in Europe, ROHS, CE and other certifications are required. We assist our customers in obtaining these product certifications. We will also cooperate with the customer’s designated third-party organizations such as SGS, BV, etc. to meet the customer’s requirements.

    From watch design to packaging,our team will take care of every production process. we can provide quality mens and womens odm watches to your specification with our expert team and professional manufacturing equipment.

If you have any question,please contact us!

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