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           Bringing Perfection to Every Look–sapphire crystal watch

     A watch is something that completes your whole appearance. A terrible choice can spoil your look completely. No matter what you choose to wear, a watch is your perfect companion. However, the selection of the watch matters largely. Not every watch is suitable for every occasion or outfit. Also, the quality of the watch and its visual attributes influence your appearance. Only the design of the dial or the straps is not something that catches the first impression. The glass on top of the dial adds largely to the beauty of the design.

      Watch glass material

      Watch glass is the top transparent covering over the dial, and one of watch case parts.Watch crystal, case back, case body and watch crown form a vacuum-like environment, so that the watch can achieve a certain water resistance, such as 3 ATM, 5 ATM water resistance. So that the watch hand and watch dial will not change colour in the vacuum-like environment.

   The reflection of light over the glass watches creates the first visual impression. Light reflection on the glass should neither be too much nor too little. The quality of the selected glass material is the key factor in resolving this issue. There are multiple options available that are fit for making the watch tops. Acrylic glass, mineral glass, and sapphire crystal  in the watch are the top three choices among all the leading brands. Of the three types of watch glass, the easiest to distinguish is acrylic glass, while the more difficult to distinguish are Mineral glass and Sapphire crystal. However, the most popular among these three is the sapphire, one for its many qualities and visual aesthetics.

      Sapphire glass can be categorized into 3 types which are flat sapphire,single-doomed sapphire, double-doomed sapphire. doomed sapphire crystal will give the dial a more three-dimensional and deeper look.

     Most desired and popular

     Coming to the most popular choice, the sapphire crystal on watches certainly does not have a contender to compete. Acrylic or mineral glasses do not stand a chance in front of the fine and clear outer finishing of sapphire crystals. The thick and smooth surface of the high-quality crystal makes it strong and beautiful. Also, the sturdy texture of the glass makes it hard for any usage, assuring a lasting experience. It serves as a package of utility and aesthetics for the users, making it a top pick among the rest.

  •    Manufacturing qualities: What makes the sapphire watch crystal the best? The answer is the manufacturing process. Sapphire crystal is a synthetic material made by crystallizing aluminum oxide at extremely high temperatures and pressures.Unlike the other watch glass materials, the sapphire crystals require critical and careful making. First developed by a French chemist, Auguste Verneuil, these crystal glasses have developed a lot through all these years. Using extreme heat and pressure in the making makes them harder than the rest.

sapphire crystal automatic watch    Colored sapphire crystals

     Sapphires are mostly blue, but they are also available in other shades. The impurities present in the crystals add to the hues that bring distinct shades of light reflection. It makes the sapphire glass watch look even more attractive and visually soothing. The color shades of red, blue, yellow, or purple that you see on the top glass are actually for chromium, copper, iron, or titanium. Pure sapphire is difficult to find, for which many brands use synthetic sapphires for the watches to avoid colored reflections.

   First choice of brands

    There is more than one reason sapphire crystal watch are the first choice for the leading brands. The quality of pure sapphire is unmatchable, and the visual impression it creates makes them the bestseller. Sapphire glass is also preferred for some dive watches. All the top watch brands have these crystals as the top glass. It is the right blend of affordability and quality, for which it is also popular among the customers.

   Features that stand out

   Quality manufacturing and the strong chemical bonding of the crystals make them a brilliant choice for watches. The strong inner layers constructing the complete glass are damage-resistant and shock-proof. An overall combination of sound structure and delicate outer look is the USP of the watch sapphire crystal.

  • Clean and premium: The quality of the thick glass on the top of a watch makes a mark on the visual appearance. A thin layer on top makes it unsafe for regular use and does not exhibit a superior look. All global brands specializing in fine timepieces feature sapphire crystal on watch to make the latest and bestselling models. So, the next time you purchase a branded watch, you know the glass material to look for.
  • Resistance aspects: Sapphire crystals are highly resistant to scratches and other damages. A minor scratch on the upper surface can spoil the whole look. But with the sapphire watch, you can stay assured of zero abrasion. A smooth outer finishing reflecting an even light distribution over the dial is what you get with these high-quality watch glasses.
  • Longevity assurance: Sapphire crystals can withstand greater pressure or water exposure compared to the other materials in use. Multiple inner layering that comprises the overall thick glass structure does not allow water penetration. Therefore, most diving watches come with sapphire glass. These glass layers can absorb between 800 to 1800 N-meter of force, making it hard to break out of shocks. You get a lasting assurance on the watch glasses by the chemical nature.

  Tips for you

   If you own a watch having a similar crystalline glass on top or wish to buy one, here are some useful tips. Although these glasses are highly resistant and long-lasting, there are a few good practices that you should maintain.

  • Keep it clean: Keep the glass layer clean by wiping it with a piece of cloth. It is better to keep the watch inside a box when you do not need it. It does not let the dirt come in close contact and stays shining as new.
  • Things to avoid: sapphire crystal glasses are water proof, but you should not unnecessarily expose them to water pressure. Soap lathers or high-water force can sometimes penetrate through the side joining and damage the inner watch parts.
  • For anti-reflectors:Many dislike the reflecting surface of the smooth glass layer. Thus, you can also put an additional AR layer over the glass to avoid the issue. But remember to use a good quality Anti-Reflecting coating as it can damage the original texture of the sapphire and ruin the premium visual appeal.

    Defines your choice

   You can convey your fashion and style sense across a room through your subtle selections. Be it with your outfit or accessories like the watch, you can make a mark without going for bold choices. It is because of the quality and visual attributes that make it a top choice in the leading watch glass material. Watches belonging to the premium collection of the top brands feature sapphire crystal. Do not make a wrong choice by going for a substandard watch glass material, as it will not be beneficial in the long run.

watches manufacturer in China

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