What’s is waterproof watch?

Waterproof is a very real concept. It measures how much water pressure a watch can handle before it breaks. no watch is totally be completely waterproof because with sufficient pressure, every watch will leak.Waterproof itself is a measurement of static pressure at a specified depth.and you can check watch waterproof guideline before buying a watches.

30 meters: Watches can have an accidental splash of water.or you can wear it during shower(unless the watch is new).

50 meters:You can wear the watch during swimming or other similar activities.

100 meters:You can wear the watch during swimming, snorkelling  and so on.

300 meters:Your watch is suitable for water sports and diving.

After you know the waterproof idea,we can share some waterproof watch secret with you.

Only watch manufacturers can know.

What’s the secret of waterproof watches?

Secret 1 of waterproof watch:

Waterproof watch doesn’t equal to water resistant

In watch industrial,water resistant means at least 3ATM waterproof.

But waterproof can be 10 meters watertight,30 meter tight.

Water resistant watch at least withstand the splash of water.

Waterproof watch may be moisture protection.

Secret 2 of waterproof watch:

If some manufacturers said their cheap watch is with waterproof structure,that’s text trap.because waterproof structure doesn’t mean 100% watertight.because all of the watch don’t checked by the professional watertight test machine.Some watch are waterproof.some are NOT.

For example,if this watch back is with “3ATM waterproof” text,then this watch resistant is 3ATM.

But if the watch back is just with “Waterproof” text,that watch is just moistureproof.

Secret 3 of waterproof watch:

Generally the watch resistant function is tested by vacuum waterproof machine and genuine water machine.

You can see these 2 machines below for reference.

vacuum waterproof machine

real water waterproof machine

During bulk order production the watches producer can’t often use real water machine to test the waterproof function.because the water will affect the plating layer of the watch case.

Then the vacuum waterproof machine can examine 10 watches one-time.

Based on the working principle of vacuum waterproof machine,there is a critical defect.

For example,if the 10 pieces watch are  non-waterproof,the vacuum waterproof will still show the 10 pieces watch are waterproof.

So the responsible watch factory will choose a few watches to do real water experiment.

Now you know the secret of waterproof watches.then you can buy the right waterproof watch easily.

Enjoy your waterproof watches.Finally take good care of your waterproof watches.