In the world of watches, the strap is an indispensable watch component. A watch strap/watch band/watch band bracelet is a bracelet that straps or secures the watch to the wrist. A watch strap not only adds style but also ensures comfort and functionality. This blog aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of watch strap, watch band parts, different watch band size and materials and the importance of choosing the right size for your wrist., you will be equipped with all the knowledge to make an informed choice when selecting a watch strap.

watch band

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Watch band parts

  So what are the parts of a watch band? A watch band mainly includes watch clasp/buckle, watch band pins, watch strap body. Understanding these watch band parts, you can better choose the right watch band for yourself.

Watch band parts

Watch clasp

     Watch clasp or watch buckle is usually made of stainless steel, through which the ends of the strap can be connected and secured to the wrist without accidental detachment. We attach the buckle to the strap by a spring bar.

Watch clasp
Folding clasp

Watch clasp comes in a variety of designs such as folding clasp, butterfly clasp, pin buckle, and jewelry clasp. Each watch clasp design offers a different level of security and ease of use. For example, the unfolding clasp is both secure to use, allowing you to put on and take off your watch with ease.

    The most common clasp buckle is the pin buckle, which comprises a claw that passes through a hole in the strap and a frame that holds it in place. This type of buckle is simple to use and secure. We often use it on leather watch bands, rubber straps or Nato watch straps.

pin buckle
Watch band pins

Watch band pins

   Watch band pins, also known as spring bars, are also made of stainless steel and secure the band to the case. It is a small pin fitted with a spring that fits into the lugs of the case. When choosing a strap, it is important to make sure that the pin is of good quality and will hold the strap securely. This will prevent any accidental detachment and potential damage to the watch.
   These watch band pins are available in two styles: a regular lug and a switch spring bar. The switch spring bar, in particular, realizes the vision of one watch with different straps.

Watch strap body

  Watch strap body is the important parts of a watch band. We usually make watch strap body of stainless steel, leather, rubber or nylon braid.

   Watch strap body is divided into 2 parts, long piece and short piece.

    We usually connect the short piece with the buckle. There are also a few parts, such as leather strap, nylon strap or ribbon strap that are one piece.

Watch strap

   We can categorize watch strap body into straight and tapered based on the shape of the strap body. Straight means that the strap is a straight line from end to end. Tapered means that the strap is a diagonal line from end to end.

watches band

Stainless steel watch band/watch strap

   One of the most popular watches band, the Stainless steel watch band, is a perfect blend of elegance and durability. We know it for its resistance to rust, discoloration and scratches, making it perfect for everyday wear.

S1:Head link

Head link is the watch band parts where the strap is connected to the case, through the watch band pins to a watch lug.


      Link is fixed on the strap, we connect the links with spring bar, no holes on the side.

S3:Removable link

        Removable links have holes on the side of the strap. These removable links allow the length of the strap to be adjusted within a certain range to suit larger or smaller wrists. Generally speaking, the quantity of removable link strap is 4~6 pcs.

S4:End link

         End link is the links connected with the buckle. Sometimes the mark of the strap can be put on the end link.


        It connected the clasp to the end link by the tail band pin. We can open the clasp to extend the length of the watch, making it easier for the customer to wear the watch.

S6:Spring bar

    Spring bar secures the strap to the case and the length of the spring bar is determined by the lug width.

Stainless steel watch band

FAQ-Stainless steel watch band

      Stainless steel strap belong to a broad category of metal strap. Because metal strap also include titanium watch band, ceramic and stainless steel band,14K band and so on.

  Stainless steel band material is 304,316L,904L of three kinds.904L steel performance is the most excellent, the most corrosion resistant, currently only some luxury brands such as Rolex, Omega and other brands 904L. Because 904L is more difficult to process and more expensive. 316L is the three most cost-effective and the choice for most stainless steel watches. 316L has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is lower than 904L.304 steel corrosion resistance and wear resistance is not as good as 316L and 904L, but the price is relatively low.

    In the watch industry, it gave stainless steel watch band various treatments to give the whole watch a unique style. The treatments referred to here are sandblasted, brushed, polished, polished+brushed. For example, manufacturers usually brush or polish+brush vintage style watch bands. For example, manufacturers usually brush the band of vintage style watch cases.

Stainless steel watch strap

PVD plating

     The original color of the stainless steel band is silver, so silver stainless steel strap doesn’t need plating. If you want rose gold, gold, black, gunmetal watch, you need to do PVD plating on top of the silver band.

plating color

Leather watch strap/leather watch band

     Leather watch strap exudes sophistication and elegance. They are available in various types of leather, including genuine leather, calf and alligator. Leather watch straps are comfortable to wear as they soften over time and mold to your wrist. They are perfect for formal occasions or to add a touch of class to your outfit.

L1:Head of the leather strap

        Someone mainly connected leather strap head to the watch case. Some leather strap heads are curved, while others are straight.

Leather strap watches

L2:Watch band pin

       The pin is placed inside the head of the leather strap and is used to fasten the strap to the lugs. There are different sizes of lugs, so you need to choose the right size to change the strap. In addition, there are 2 types of lug holes, one is sealed, and the other is perforated.

lug holes

L3:Leather watch band body

    Someone primarily categorized watch band body into long piece and short piece. There are also a few band bodies, which is a whole band.

L4:Watch buckle

   Taking the most common buckle as an example, parts of a buckle comprises Claw, Frame and Spring bar.

pin buckle


   Change holes are used to adjust the length of the strap and make it fit the wrist better. The number of holes is 8~10. The holes are usually round or rectangular. The Claw on the clasp goes through the holes to connect the long piece to the short piece.

L6: Loop

   We mainly used loop for fixing the strap. There are 2 loops on the short piece. We placed one fixed loop close to the buckle, and we secured the end of the strap with a moving loop that can be swung on the strap.

L7:Leather strap back

    Leather strap back is made of genuine leather. And this kind of genuine leather has the quality of absorbing sweat. In addition, some watch brands will print the watch brand logo and genuine leather logo on the leather strap back.

L8:End of strap

  We divide the watch band tail into Ogive, Semi-squared, Curved, Square with rounded angles. Ogive, Semi-squared, curved, Square with rounded angles.

parts of watch band

Mesh watch band/watch band bracelet/Mesh bracelet

    Mesh watch band are watch bands that have stainless steel wires that look like a net. Watch band bracelet is a modern choice that combines fashion and function. We made it of interwoven metal links and is extremely breathable, making it ideal for those who like to stay cool and airy.

M1First links

  First link is used to connect the case.

M2Watch pin

  Just like a belt, we place the watch band pin inside the first link and connected to the earpieces.

M3Watch clasp

   Watch band mesh has 4 clasp type:Pin buckle, safety buckle. There is also a kind of magnetic clasp that has become more popular in recent years.

watch band bracelet

M4Watch strap body

   There are 2 kinds of mesh bracelet, the common one is two parts (long piece and short piece), and there is also one kind of mesh bracelet which is one over the other.
  Depending on the thickness of the stainless steel wire, we can divide it into different mesh bracelet such as 0.4mm, 0.6 wire and 1mm.

mesh bracelet


  There are 6~10 potholes on the long piece of the two-piece mesh watch band, which are used to adjust the length of the mesh watch band.

M6Watch band tail

Mesh watch band

Rubber strap/Silicone strap/Plastic strap

  Because rubber strap, silicone strap and plastic strap are very similar. Therefore, we take the silicone strap as an example to explain parts of the silicone strap. Put, the structure of the silicone strap is like that of the leather strap, so parts of silicone strap can be referred to the leather strap in the previous article. Rubber strap is comfortable to wear and easy to clean, very suitable for diving watches.

rubber strap

Nylon watch strap/Nylon watch band

   Manufacturers make nylon watch straps from durable nylon and originally designed them for military use. We know them for their reliability, ease of use, and versatility. Most of nylon watch bands are one-piece long watch bands. So the one-piece Nato watch band is explained as an example.


N1:Nylon watch strap body

    Most nylon watch straps are one long piece. We split a few (long piece and short piece).

Nylon watch strap

N2:Watch clasp of nylon band

  Most nylon straps have a buckle style similar to a leather strap.

N3:Watch strap hole

   The number of holes of Nylon watch band is 8~13, and the number of holes is more than leather watch band.

N4:Watch loop

   The watch loops of nylon watch band differ from leather strap. We made the loops of leather watch bands of leather, while we make the loops of nylon watch band of stainless steel or nylon.
   The loop of Zuzu nylon strap is stainless steel, and the number of loops is usually 3 to 4, 2 fixed loops, and 1 to 2 mobile loops.

N5:End of nylon watch band

  Band tails are divided into arcs, half-squares, arcs, and squares with rounded corners. Arc with rounded corners, semi-square, arc, square.

Nylon watch band

Watch band size chart/Watch band sizes

    Watch bands are of standard length, like jewelry bracelets. The standard length of watch band is 115x75mm, as mentioned above, the length of watch band is divided into two parts, the standard length of long piece is 115mm, and the standard length of short piece is 75mm. However, the length of men’s watch bands is 22~26cm, for example, the length of a long piece of leather band is 120mm, and the length of a short piece is 80mm. Leather band watches for women is 18cm~20cm. The length of leather band watches for women is 18cm~20cm, of which the length of the long piece is 110mm and the length of the short piece is 70mm.
These sizes can meet the needs of most people.

watch band size

   Besides the length of the strap, the watch band size also includes the watch band width. Especially the width of the head of a strap is also called watch lug width. commonly used watch band sizes are 24mm watch band,22mm watch band,21mm watch strap,20mm watch strap,19mm watch strap, 18mm watch strap,16mm watch band,14mm watch band, etc. Here 24mm or 22m refers to the watch band’s width.

Conclusion:Watch strap

    Choosing the right strap is critical to enhancing the functionality and style of your watch. From buckles and strap pins to different materials such as stainless steel, leather, mesh, Nato and rubber, each component offers unique features and benefits. By understanding these strap components and sizes, you can make an informed decision when choosing the perfect strap for your watch. Remember to consider your personal preferences, lifestyle and occasions to find a strap that not only complements your watch but also reflects your personality.
   Watchessy, as a professional watch strap manufacturer, can customize the watch band according to your needs. For example, if your watch style is a business watch, then the strap should be a stainless steel band or leather band. Leather strap.
   In addition, most of our watch bands are with switch spring bar, so the customer can match different watch bands according to the style of wearing. And we can provide free tools to change the strap.

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