Tachymeter is a common feature on some watch bezel. It is primarily used to measure the speed at which the wearer is moving over a fixed period. We often find tachymeter on chronograph watch. So they have a stopwatch function besides the time reading function. Athletes, race car drivers and aviation professionals often use it to calculate speed, distance or time taken.

what is a tachymeter

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 What is a tachymeter on a watch

   A bezel is a ring of material that holds the watch crystal in place and is part of the case. Different bezels have different functions. For example, aviation watches have a GMT complication that can be adjusted by rotating the bezel so that they can read the time in different time zones. Tachymeter bezel, however, are fixed and have the word Tachymeter, UNITES PER HOUR printed on the bezel and a scale ranging from 60 to 500 or higher. This design maintains the practicality of the tachymeter function while bringing a sleek, seamless aesthetic.

How to use a tachymeter

  1. Select a kilometer distance.
  2. Press button A at the starting point.
  3. Press button A again at the end point.
  4.  Read the 60 – 400 mph value on the outer ring of the dial showed by the 60-second timer; that is the speed value.
  1. Press button B to reset the timer to zero.

   The number on the bezel is used to visually check the hourly speed. It is to measure the speed of one kilometer when moving above 60km/h. Starting from the second hand at 12 o’clock and observing the corresponding position of the stopwatch when a kilometer has been traveled, you can know the hourly speed. For example, if the stopwatch stops at 100, it means that the speed was 100km/h.

   The tachymeter is not usable directly when the speed is below 60km/h, unless the low-speed scale value is adjusted.

What is the benefits of tachymeter

      One of the major benefits of tachymeter is their ability to provide accurate speed measurements. This feature is especially useful for athletes and motor sports enthusiasts who need to track their speed during a race or training session. In addition, tachymeter watch has a variety of timing functions. Using the chronograph function and tachymeter scale allows the user to accurately calculate time, speed, or distance, making it a valuable tool for a variety of outdoor activities and professional work.

 What are the 3 dials on a tachymeter watch?

   A typical tachymeter watch comprises three sub dials that measure seconds, minutes, and hours. Typically, the third dial has a chronograph function that allows the user to start, stop, and reset the stopwatch function of the wrist watch. By understanding the purpose and function of each dial, the user can fully use the tachymeter function on the watch.

Tachymeter vs chronograph

     A tachymeter can measure how fast the wearer of a watch is moving in a specific amount of time. Most tachymeters can measure from 7 to 60 seconds. A chronograph is a stopwatch used to measure a period. A chronograph typically has two or three small second dials and push buttons that start and stop the chronograph without interfering with the normal timekeeping of the watch.

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