In a digital age where smartphones and smart watches dominate the market, Analog watch still hold a special place in the hearts of many watch enthusiasts. Analog watches still retain their timeless charm and elegance. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of analog watches, exploring what is analog watch,how to set analog watch,battery requirements, and a detailed comparison between analog and digital watch.

What is an analog watch

       Watches are generally classified as digital and analog watch, depending on the design of the display.Analog watches refer not to a digital display, but (usually) to the indication of the numbers arranged on a circular dial by means of one, two, or three rotating hands, or by a continuous movement of the hands (the movement of the hour hand is similar to the sun’s path across the sky). The hands are subdivided into hour, minute, and second hands, which are driven by the movement to move the hands. Numerals on the dial are available in various forms, such as Arabic, Roman, and so on.

what is an analog watch

   This way of displaying the time has nothing to do with the type of movement, only with how the time is displayed in a manner. For example, if you display 10:58, you can see 10:58 on a digital watch, while on an analogue watch, the hour hand is at the 10 o’clock position, and the minute hand is at the 58 minute position.

Analog vs digital watch

How to change time on analog watch

    How to set an analog watch is especially important in maintaining the accuracy of your watch. In this section we will guide the reader step by step through the process of changing the time on an analog watch without causing damage to the watch. A simple 3-hand watch is used as an example:

      Step 1:Pull out the crown (unscrew the crown first if necessary) to set the time.

   Step 2: Turn the crown towards you and you will see the watch hand turn clockwise.

      Step 3:Press the crown to start the watch, the watch runs normally.

    Watches with calendar or multi functions like chronograph, GMT are relatively troublesome to set the time, if you know how to set the time of these watches you can read our other articles.

How to change time on analog watch

 How do analog watch work?

    Most Analog watches use quartz movements, so analog watch works on the same principle as a quartz watch. A battery sends an electrical signal to the quartz crystal, which causes the quartz crystal to oscillate at a certain frequency. Then the chip electroplating captures these oscillations and converts them into electrical signals, which drive the watch hands to move. And due to the low power consumption of the analog watch, the battery life is relatively long and usually needs to be replaced only once in a few years.

 Analog vs automatic

    Analog and automatic watches both have their own advantages and features, so is there any difference between automatic as quartz? As mentioned earlier, most of analog watches are with quartz movement, so the differences between Analog vs automatic are as follows:

    Power source:Analog watch is powered by a battery, while automatic is powered by a rotor driven by the wearer’s wrist movement.

     Power Serve:The battery life of an analog watch is usually 3 to 5 years, and some special analog watches can last up to 20 years. The power reserve of an automatic watch is usually 40 hours to 15 days.

    Accuracy:Analog watches are more accurate, generally 0.3 seconds per day. Automatic watches have a tolerance of (+/-) 10 seconds a day.

    Maintenance:Analog watches require less maintenance, while automatic watches require regular cleaning, lubrication, and calibration to ensure their longevity and accuracy.
     Craftsmanship:a quartz watch has simple components, mainly a battery and a quartz crystal. On the other hand, the movement of an automatic watch is assembled with many parts, including the mainspring, rotor, balance, gears and jewelry. The automatic movement is more artistic and unique.

     So analog is more accurate, less expensive and suitable for daily wear. And automatic watches are suitable for watch collectors who care more about the technology and craftsmanship of the movement or watch lovers who consider automatic watches as an investment.

Analog vs automatic watch

 Analog vs quartz

     A few analog watches are equipped with mechanical movements, so they require more maintenance, are more expensive and less accurate as compared to quartz watches. Quartz watches on the other hand are more accurate due to the use of battery power.

  Analog vs digital

   One of the biggest differences between a Digital watch and Analog watch is that the time is displayed in a different format. analog displays the time by pairing the hands with the numbers on the dial. Digital watches display the time in numbers on an LED or LCD screen.
   In addition to the different display methods, there are also different power source: Analog’s hands are powered by batteries, and there is a mechanical structure that rotates to move the hands. While digital watch display is powered by an electronic structure.

Conclusion-What is analog watch

     In short, analog watches continue to captivate watch enthusiasts with their timeless appeal and mechanical elegance. With this comprehensive guide, readers have a better understanding of analog watches become experts in analog watch. So that you are buying analog watch and able to find the right watch for you. We provide different kinds of analog watches with different prices and styles, and we can also customize Analog watches according to our customers’ requirements.

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