What is Japan movt watch

When you want to buy a watch or get into the watch industry, you will be confused by many industry sayings. One of the terms you will often see is Japan movt watch.

This article is to help people understand what japan movt watches is.


What is Movt

Japan quartz movtMovt (plural movts) Abbreviation of movement. A movement is the heart of a watch.The movement of a watch is like the engine of a car, the central processor of a computer. It acts as the powerhouse to make the watch tick.

What is Japan movt watch

Japan movt watch means the watch movement brand is from Japan.Japan movt watch

Depending on the source of power, Japanese movements can be roughly divided into two categories: mechanical and quartz.

Japan Mechanical  movt watch are powered by the rotation of a clockwork inside the movement.Japan quartz movt watch are powered by batteries.

In terms of function,Japanese movement can be divided into 2-hand, 3-hand, calendar, multifunction, dual time zone,chronograph, etc.

Some common Japanese movement brands are Citizen, Seiko,Casio and so on.

Hence if your watch movement is from the above brand,then it can be called Japan movt watch.

The difference of Japan movt watch and watch made in Japan

Japan movt watch is not the same as a watch made in Japan

Because watches are made in Japan means that at least 60% of the entire watch is made locally in Japan.

japan movt watch simply means that the movement is a Japanese brand. In fact, many Japanese movements are not only made in Japan, but also some are made in China,Thailand, Singapore and other places.

In fact, not only are many Japanese movements made in China, but many Japanese brand watches are also made in China such as Casio.

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