what is OEM and ODM watch manufacturing

When  you step into watch business,You will be confused about  different types of terminology . The terms OEM and ODM watch manufacturing appears most often. Therefore this article is help you to understand what is OEM and ODM watch manufacturing,then you can make the right decision if you are ready to start or expand your own watch brand.

What is Oem and Odm watch manufacturing

what is OEM and ODM watch manufacturing

OEM watch meaning: Original Equipment Manufacturing

OEM watch is completed designed in detail by a custom who provide these customized watches design to a watch manufacturer to be produced.

That means you can design every detail of the watch including watch case,watch dial,hand,strap and function.

You just need a watch factory to produce the watches based on your design.

Even you don’t have completed watch design and just have rough idea about your watch design,you also can ask your watch supplier to help that.Many watches manufacturer in China have own watch design team to assist you during all the process.That’s also called Oem watches.

Your design should be confidential.and your watch case,dial and band mould should be exclusive.

ODM watch meaning: Original Design Manufacturing

ODM watch is designed by a watch supplier.there is no need for you to design the watches.You can choose the existing watch style you want from the catalog which the watches supplier provided.All what you need to do is to send your logo to the watch producer and ask them to add your logo on the watches.Even if you don’t have any logo,you also can require the watch designer from the watch factory to design the logo for you after you tell your logo concept or idea.

If you choose odm watches,More flexible watches manufacturer like watchessy not just allow the customer to add your logo on the watches but also allow you to make minor changes based on current watch model.The minor change include case color,strap color or style,dial,hand and limited function.

odm watch manufacturing

The difference between OEM and ODM watch manufacturing

.the intellectual property

The difference between OEM and ODM watches lies in who enjoys the intellectual property rights of the product.

If the client enjoys the intellectual property rights of the product, it is OEM watches.

If the overall watch design is carried out by the producer, it is ODM watches.

If you choose OEM watch option,please make sure you will sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property.then your watch manufacturer can’t produce the same style watch for others and they can’t leak your design or information to others.then your watch design won’t spread in the market.

Because you don’t spend money and time on the watch development process and your watch design patent belong to the watch producer,then your watch may be similar to your competitors.

Your customer will be confused about that similar look.And if your retail price is higher than your competitor’s price,then the customer will tend to lower products.

.The budget and time


If you choose OEM watch,you should have adequate budget and time.

At first you will spend more money and time on market research and R&D and then develop your exclusive watch brand.

Secondly exclusive watch design are asked higher MOQ,Case and strap mould and so on.

If you are a starter-up or your budget and time is limited,ODM watch is a good option.

The cost of ODM watch manufacturing process will be cheaper and the production time will be faster than Oem watches.

Because you choose existing model or current watch parts are in stock.

Who can provide Oem and Odm watch manufacturing

Now that you know a bit more about both ODM and OEM watches,you may wonder how to find a watch manufacturer for oem and odm services. There is a watch factory that you can contact for these purposes.

Watchessy has 10 years OEM & ODM watches experience. Watchessy watches factory has a complete service from watch sketching to watch prototyping that perfectly fit a watch brand creation.We have watch+packing one-stop solution, supply easy-to-use complete supply chain solution tailored to the watch industry market.

In watchessy, the minimum order quantity of OEM watch is 300pcs.

The minimum order quantity of ODM watch is 50pcs.