Are alloy watch good

When it comes to the material of the watch, there are steel, alloy, plastic, silicone,carbon fiber ,copper,etc.Most of people are familiar with stainless steel and plastic and silicone watches but know very little about alloy watches.This article will help you to know what’s alloy watch and understand if alloy watch are good.

What is alloy watch

Most of alloy watch is made of Zinc alloy.Zinc alloy is an alloy composed of zinc and other elements.Zinc alloy has better fluidity and corrosion resistance.zinc alloy are suitable for making watch or jewelry.

Generally alloy watch movement is with cheap China or Japan movement.

Alloy watch case back is usually made of stainless steel, this is due to the back cover often contact with human skin, skin secretion of sweat will corrode the metal surface, stainless steel has the ability to resist corrosion

The band of alloy strap is with PU leather strap,alloy or stainless steel band.

are alloy watch good

Are alloy watch good

Based on the above, people will have questions about the quality of the alloy watch. Are alloy watch good?Are alloy watch not waterproof?

Alloy watch is cheaper than Stainless steel watches.because producing stainless steel watch will spend high cost,longer processing and time.

But is alloy watch quality also worse than Stainless steel watches?

It can’t be that simple to say that.

Because some watch manufacturer like watchessy can produce high quality alloy watch which look like the same stainless steel ones.

Our alloy watch also can be 2 years warranty and 3 or 5ATM water resistant.

If you just buy alloy watch as promotional gift watches,you can buy normal quality alloy watch(6 month or 1 year warranty,1 ATM water resistant).the price of normal quality watch is also cheaper and about $2~$6.

If you want to start a watch brand of alloy watch,you can design your good quality watches.for example,Most of KOMONO watch are also made of alloy.

Hence alloy watch also ca be good as stainless steel with cheaper price.