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     The only problem with wristwatches is that they mostly cater to the fashion accents of the men. Of course, men purchase and wear more watches than women. Apart from that, the best companies choose male models and male celebrities to advertise their products. In short, men’s wristwatches dominate the horological landscape. Indeed, wristwatches have almost always been an integral part of a man’s world only. Wristwatches for men started gaining popularity since the 1920s and 1930s. Watchmakers mainly focused on manufacturing timepieces for male customers only. Some would even go as far as to say that the women’s watch market has always been in the sidelines as a sideshow. Also, most of the women’s timepieces have always been nothing more than downsized versions of men’s watches with a few precious or semi-precious stones studded on them to add a “feminine” touch.


The origin

There’s not much of an origin story to tell about Black watch for women because the huge male bias in the industry started changing recently and very slowly too. The best brands and manufacturers witnessed how more and more women are becoming far more discerning than before regarding the timepieces they buy. Many women are joining the queue and there has been a profound increase in the number of female watch collectors these days. Many women designers are also stepping up to seize the reins of making and designing wrist watches for women. It’s great for all the ladies out there and the watches that are available for them. It resulted in female and centric and intuitive designs that lead to the creation of unique timepieces. These watches describe the fashion preferences of women.

Things to consider

When it comes to purchasing Women’s watch black, there’s much for you to consider. Here are the details.

  1. Designer or classic:A few truisms and universal truths exist that you must acknowledge before you start purchasing women’s wristwatches. For instance, selecting a renowned wristwatch manufacturing brand isn’t everything. Many high-end luxury watches exist that won’t appeal to you. Conversely, not every designer product is worth avoiding. The market is full of high-quality, well-made watches, but you must recognize your fashion preferences before paying for watches.
  1. The style:You already have a list of watch styles at your disposal. You can pick your watch style from there. However, it’s also possible to break it down into three different possibilities including casual, sports, and jewelry watches. As the names suggest, casual watches are those that you can wear almost every day. Sports watches, on the other hand, are perfect for those who indulge in physical exercises, go to the gym regularly, or partake in sports. Finally, jewelry-inspired watches are the best for special occasions. Some of them even have precious or semi-precious stones and crystals studded in them.
  1. Wrist size:It’s crucial to pay attention to the size of your wrist while choosing a watch. Generally, a lady’s wrist ranges between five and seven inches in circumference, and women’s wristwatches usually have diameters between twenty-two and thirty-four millimeters. Understandably, timepieces with smaller diameters are more suitable for petite wrists. On the other hand, wristwatches with larger diameters would look better or tall or large women.
  1. The watch movement:Whenever you consider buying a watch, you must decide on the movement system of the needles. You can choose between mechanical and quartz. Watches with mechanical movements involve meticulous engineering. These are products that adhere to traditional watch manufacturing systems. Then again, these watches are prone to losing time, and they aren’t as precise as a quartz watch. It’s an innovation that altered the world of timepieces profoundly. It first came into existence during the 1970s. If you want something practical, then you should pick quartz watches. They are reliable and pocket-friendly. They don’t require too much maintenance, either. Nevertheless, fashion enthusiasts and watch collectors prefer products that have mechanical movement due to the enormous appeal they possess. They also cherish the traditionalism and partisanship of these timepieces.
  1. The material:The material used in manufacturing a lady’s watch is critically important. After all, it will determine the appearance of the product, and how it will look on the wrist of the wearer. While gold watches continue to be in demand, you’ll probably want something else because gold watches can’t be black and vice versa. You need something made from stainless steel. If you’re after two-toned products, then you must keep an eye out for products that combine black-colored stainless steel with platinum or white gold. You should know that the watchmakers throughout the world use stainless steel to manufacture watches for men. However, then can also give this predominantly male-material a feminine makeover.
  2. Bracelet or strap:Now, you have to decide whether to go for a bracelet watch or something else with leather straps. Bracelets are primarily part of the jewelry world. Of course, they can be formal from every angle, provided they don’t come with too many embellishments. Straps, on the other hand, are usually of leather, and they look undeniably stylish. However, if you want the band to last long, then you should pick rubber straps. It may seem stupid to attach rubber straps in watches that aren’t for sportswomen, but they are durable, maintainable, and valuable. No amount of perfume can damage them.
  3.  The watch style : No matter how many fashion trends hit the runways, there will always be an equal amount of stylish black watches women that are suitable for women. Due to so many choices, one may feel unsure while choosing a wristwatch for a lady. If you’re going to buy one for yourself, then you should consider your wardrobe and lifestyle. Maybe you prefer the timeless elegance of luxurious timepieces, or you’re in love with the hottest trends of the season. Regardless of your preferences, you must pick something that you can accessorize with your clothes and everything else. Most importantly, you should be able to wear the watch with confidence. Here are a few watch styles to explore.

Final words

A wristwatch is a thing that oozes beauty, and it’s entirely normal to look at a lady’s watch as an accessory. A lot of snobbery and intimidating technical jargon exist in the world of timepieces, and it’s no different in the female wristwatch market. Purchasing a watch to achieve a specific appearance or even for a specific event is acceptable, of course, if that’s what you intend. After all, a woman’s accessories make her unique and stylish, and luxurious wristwatches shouldn’t be an exception. So, a lovely wristwatch, whether elaborate or minimalist, can bestow a distinctive appearance upon the wearer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For stainless steel watches,if the case are in stock,the MOQ can be 100pcs each style.and you can mix 2 colors.
If the stainless steel case is out of the stock,the MOQ is 300pcs and you can mix 3~6 colors.
For alloy material,the MOQ is 500pcs each style,and you can mix 3~5 colors.

We have  professional designer team to assist you to create your own watch brand or design.

And our top-watch designer can ensure only the highest-quality output.

The watch can be delivered  by DHL,Fedex and so on .Sea,train and plain are also available.

Yes,we are a  professional watch manufacturer about 10 years. The OEM and ODM order are acceptable.

For stainless steel watch,the warranty is about 2 years caused by manufacturing.

For alloy watch,the warranty is 1 year warranty.

Please contact us if you have more special request.

For stainless steel watch,if the case is in stock,the mass production time is about 30~35 days.

If the case is out of the stock,the mass production time is 45~60 days.

For alloy watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

For Silicone watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

Customer will need pay for the watch mold if you have a custom design.And the mold belong to the customer.

Watch sample mold can be used for sample and mass production watch making.There is no need to pay for a mass production mold.

You can have your logo on back of case,buckle,dial and crown.

If you have special request,please contact us.

30% deposit and 70% before shipment.

If we have a long-term business cooperation,then  more flexible payment terms are acceptable.

We can provide box,manual,and warranty card.

In additional,we also offer watch cloth for the customer to clean the watches.

And the watch tool can be offer to help the customer to adjust the band length.

Some box MOQ without logo can be 50pcs.

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