What side do men wear watches

   With the development of watches, it is no longer simply a practical tool, but also an indispensable ornament. So what side do men wear watches? Actually, it doesn’t matter which hand you wear a watch on, the main thing is to be comfortable with it.90% of people wear their watches on their left hand because most of them are right-handed, and wearing it on the left hand can be convenient for work or life. Of course, there are a few left-handed people who wear their watches on their right hand.

What side do men wear watches

What side do men wear watches

   Watches can not only read the time but also more functions such as chronograph, tachymeter, dual time. Especially for multifunctional watches, need to consider how to easily mediate the watch functions.

   Watches can also play a decorative role to show the wearer’s aesthetic and taste when wearing a watch. So when wearing a watch, you need to consider the position of the watch crown and its impact on your daily activity.

  When you wear a watch, inevitably, you need to adjust the time or the watch function. For example, business managers who often need to travel to different time zones need to adjust the crown of a GMT watch to read the time in two time zones.

  Wearing a watch requires consideration of the practicality of operating the crown. If you wear the watch according to the configuration of the crown, it will be much easier to set the time or function. Whether it is a mechanical or quartz watch, their handle is in the 3 position, and most people are right-handed, so most people choose to wear the watch with their left hand.

   In everyday life and at work, the wearer prefers to do most of the work with the dominant hand, so wearing the watch on the non-dominant hand to read the time will minimise interference and damage to the watch. So if your dominant hand is right-handed, it’s good to wear your watch on your left hand, and vice versa.

  Of course, if you are left-handed, then it is convenient to wear a watch on your right hand. There are also some watch manufacturers that make left hand watches for left-handed people.

  Through this blog I hope to help you know what hand do men wear watches. Though this article has been emphasising on wearing the watch on the non-dominant hand, which is customarily worn on the left wrist, this is also based on preference. Some watch enthusiasts prefer to wear 2 watches on one hand or one watch on each of the two hands, all of which are workable.

Of course, wearing a watch will encounter a variety of problems, besides the above what arm do men watch watches, will also encounter other problems, such as how to adjust watch band, how to change a watch battery and so on. Our company will provide various suggestions for watch lovers to check.

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