what side do men wear watches

With the development of the watch, it is no longer simply a practical tool, but also an indispensable ornament. Different styles of watches can show different personalities and temperaments when  wearing the watches. So what side do men wear watches? Different people have different opinions on this issue.

As a symbol of wealth, identity and taste, men wear watches more as accessories. However, there is something to be said for wearing a watch. What side is a good for wearing a watch? Here’s a look into this issue.

A watch not only has the function of timekeeping, but it can also play a decorative role. When wearing a watch, it is important to take into account the impact on your daily activities. Most men are used to working with their right hand, so wearing the watch on the left wrist reduces interference. By doing so, men will be more comfortable when moving around and will also reduce damage to the watch. If the watch is worn on the right wrist, it may accidentally cause scratches to the watch and affect the value of the watch.

Modern men like to wear their watches on their left side, both as a matter of custom and etiquette. This is because when we communicate with others at work, we use our right hand to shake hands with them, or hand them something generally with our right hand.

So it is understandable that both men and women wear watches to the left wrist. When writing, it is even more so, and it is also inconvenient if it is worn on the right wrist.

Now you should know which wrist to wear the watch on, right? Although it is customary to wear it on the left wrist, it is also determined by personal preference.

what side do men wear watches