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RING watch

  In today’s fast-paced world, accessories play a vital role in enhancing personal style and expressing individuality. Among the wide array of accessories, ring watch is unique and versatile. This blog post will delve into the fascinating world of ring watches.

what is ring watch

     Ring watch is a very small timepiece housed in a case on a ring, a wearable timepiece that combines the functionality of a watch with the elegance of a ring. It is the perfect accessory for those who want to add style to their ensemble and keep track of time at the same time. These watches are usually designed to be worn on the finger and come in a variety of sizes, materials and styles. The versatility of a ring watch allows it to be worn as a stand-alone fashion piece or as a complement to other jewelry.So ring watch is also jewelry watch.

ring watch

Ring watch part

    The case is usually made of alloy or stainless steel, and the case size is small, with a diameter of less than 25mm. The case is divided into 2 types (open face and hunter) according to the degree of surface exposure.
     Open face ring watch is an open face without any covering, so that the time can be read directly.
     Hunter ring watch the dial wrapped by a metal cover, which needs to be opened in order to see the dial and read the time.

   B. Dial and hands

   The dial of a ring watch usually shows the time with hour and minute hands, and sometimes with a second hand. The size and design of the dial varies from simple to ornate, depending on preference.

Ring watch for women ring watch part

   C.Watch band

   The watch band ring  are made of metal. Since the ring watch is worn on the finger, the fit on the finger should be taken into consideration. There are 2 types of bands: the first is a fixed size metal band, like a scaled-down version of a bracelet, and the second is a metal elastic band that can be adjusted according to the thickness of the finger. Most importantly, the strap should not only complement the overall design but also be comfortable to wear.

  D. Crown

  People need to wash their hands frequently, so the probability of a ring watch coming into contact with water is considerably higher than that of a normal wristwatch, so the water resistance of a ring watch is important. Choosing the right crown is especially important to maintain water resistance.


Since the case size of the ring watch is relatively small, the choice of watch movement is to choose one that is small and thin in thickness. Even the movement size is small, there are a few small quartz, digital or automatic movement to fit ring watch size.

When did the ring watch invent?

     By some reckoning, ring watches appeared in the 1850s, but it wasn’t until a Swiss created a finger watch with a mechanical movement that it caught everyone’s attention. The vintage Ring watch fulfills the need for a portable, wearable timepiece.

Who provide ring watch?

   Watchessy offers a variety of types of ring watches, including analog, digital, quartz, vintage, women and mens ring watch. In addition, they offer a customization service to cater to individual preferences to create a truly unique and personalized ring watch. With a commitment to quality and style, Watchessy ensures that every customer will find the perfect ring watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

For stainless steel watches,if the case are in stock,the MOQ can be 100pcs each style.and you can mix 2 colors.
If the stainless steel case is out of the stock,the MOQ is 300pcs and you can mix 3~6 colors.
For alloy material,the MOQ is 500pcs each style,and you can mix 3~5 colors.

We have  professional designer team to assist you to create your own watch brand or design.

And our top-watch designer can ensure only the highest-quality output.

The watch can be delivered  by DHL,Fedex and so on .Sea,train and plain are also available.

Yes,we are a  professional watch manufacturer about 10 years. The OEM and ODM order are acceptable.

For stainless steel watch,the warranty is about 2 years caused by manufacturing.

For alloy watch,the warranty is 1 year warranty.

Please contact us if you have more special request.

For stainless steel watch,if the case is in stock,the mass production time is about 30~35 days.

If the case is out of the stock,the mass production time is 45~60 days.

For alloy watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

For Silicone watch,the mass production time is about 40 days.

Customer will need pay for the watch mold if you have a custom design.And the mold belong to the customer.

Watch sample mold can be used for sample and mass production watch making.There is no need to pay for a mass production mold.

You can have your logo on back of case,buckle,dial and crown.

If you have special request,please contact us.

30% deposit and 70% before shipment.

If we have a long-term business cooperation,then  more flexible payment terms are acceptable.

We can provide box,manual,and warranty card.

In additional,we also offer watch cloth for the customer to clean the watches.

And the watch tool can be offer to help the customer to adjust the band length.

Some box MOQ without logo can be 50pcs.

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