How does quartz watch work?

     Quartz watches work on the principle that the battery generates an electric current in the watch circuit, and this current is what makes the quartz crystal vibrate at a frequency of about 32768 times per second. The microchip circuitry detects these vibrations .These vibrations are used to create an electrical signal with a frequency(Once per second). which is sent to the watch movement, which in turn moves the watch hands at a frequency of one frame per second.

How does quartz watch work

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  How long do quartz watches last

     Generally speaking, without replacing the battery, the life span of a quartz watch is about 2 to 3 years, and some high-end quartz watches can last up to 6 years. If a quartz watch is well cared for and the battery is replaced in a timely manner, a quartz watch can last 20 to 30 years. This is because during up to 20 years of operation, the electronic components of a quartz watch will wear out causing it to not work properly. Compared to some well maintained mechanical watches have a longer life than quartz watches and can be passed on to future generations as heirlooms

Does a quartz watch need a battery

Does a quartz watch need a battery

    Yes,a quartz watch need a battery.This is because quartz watches require a battery to run. When the quartz crystal is affected by the battery, it generate a regular vibration.

 Quartz watch maintenance

As mentioned earlier, the key factor that determines the life of a quartz watch is whether or not it is well cared for. Here are some suggestions on how to maintain quartz watches.

Correctly adjust the time: When you take your watch off, make sure to correctly adjust the time.  Leaving the time adjusted to the wrong time can cause damage to the watch’s internal mechanisms.

Replace the battery: Regularly replacing the battery in your quartz watch is important to ensure that it continues to work properly.  Replace the battery every two to three years.

Avoid direct contact with water:Although most quartz watches are waterproof, taking a bath or swimming with a quartz watch often will cause the back cover rubber ring of the watch, the crown, etc. not to be waterproof. Not being waterproof will cause the life span to not work properly.

Store in the right environment: The most important thing when storing a quartz watch is to ensure that it is stored in the right environment.  A watch case should be kept dry, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.  Store your watch in watch box if you don’t plan to wear it regularly.

 Quartz watch accuracy

        The accuracy of quartz watch is very high and can reach 99.9% accuracy. The accuracy of a typical quartz watch can reach ±20 seconds/month. The accuracy of quartz watches in the same price range is much higher than that of mechanical watches. For example, a $50 quartz watch is much more accurate than a Rolex Submariner.

Conclusion-How long do quartz watch battery last

     In conclusion, the life of a quartz watch can be extended by proper maintenance. Quartz watches are more accurate and cheaper. If you are interested in quartz watches, watchessy as a quartz watch manufacturer can help our customer to create own watch brand . Swiss quartz movement, Japanese Miyota quartz movement and Japanese Seiko quartz movement are all available.


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