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Black watches for men

Everything That You Must Know Before You Buy Black Watches For Men

If you want to know the truth, then it’s better to say it right in the beginning. There’s something alluringly sexy about black watches. They’re also incredibly practical. These wristwatches have been in vogue in the past and will remain so for all eternity. However, before delving into further details about this fashion staple, you need to find answers to several questions. For instance, you need to know about the ones that are more scratch-resistant than others. You should also ensure that you pick a product made from the most durable materials. Furthermore, it’s worth learning how the blacking process underwent evolutionary changes over the years, as well as the pros and cons of wearing such a wristwatch.

black watches for men

The origins

  1. Powder coating:It’s best to start with the 1970s. Back then, fashion design pioneers, such as Porche Design and Heuer used to apply powder coating atop an anodized metal case to create their watches black. Powder coating is still popular in many industrial processes. It’s a form of paint baked to achieve a hard and smooth finish. These watches looked excellent when they were new. With time, however, they wore quickly because they were prone to scratching and chipping.
  1. PVD:The following generation of black-colored wristwatches used a process that many people use today as well. The Physical Vapor Deposition or PVD process doesn’t involve coating the watch itself. Instead, it incorporates applying a coating to the base metal case. PVD bonds a small later of metal compounds to the case, which is akin to electroplating. Almost every watch black that you see in the market today have PVD coating.
  1. The benefits of PVD:The products that come with PVD coating are far better than their powder-coated cousins. PVD-coated watches won’t crack or peel with time, but you should be careful while handling your watch. After all, it’s not invincible, and rough handling will result in scratches. Then again, the hardness of the case dictates the rate at which the PVD-coated watch will sustain scratches. The quality of the coating process has nothing to do with it.
  1. The size:As you probably noticed several times, the watches of today are much larger than they used to be. Designers started to bring forth enhancements to technology in the watch cases from the mid-2000s. So, the bigger the watch, the more technologically advanced it would be. However, you can’t expect every company to be as meticulous as some of the most renowned watch-making brands, such as TAG Heuer, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Hublot, Sinn, or Jaeger-LeCoultre.

To conclude

If you have been reading this topic from the beginning, then you’re aware of what you need. Try to stick to the guidelines given here if you want to lay your hands on the best wristwatches for men that exist in the market. The information, as well as the tips mentioned here, come from some of the most renowned and reputable watchmakers. By following their guidelines, you’ll always be an eye-catcher.

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