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Small watch

    Buying a watch is just like buying clothes, you need to choose the right size of watch. Otherwise an oversize  watch does not match your body type and such a pairing looks incongruous. Over the years, as the economy grows and the average height of people climbs year by year, the trend has led to watches manufacturers favoring larger watches, which is not very friendly to petite women and men who are not tall enough. This blog will take you on a journey into the world of small watches and give you an overview of all aspects of small watches….

What is Small watch

    The main watch sizes refer to the watch case diameter and the width of the band (determined by the width of the lugs). For men’s watches, the size is usually between 38mm and 44mm. Watches with a case diameter of more than 44mm or a band width of more than 26mm are considered big watches.For women’s watches, the case diameter is less than 38mm.

The small watch is ideal for whom

   When is a wrist small? You’re probably right. This is something you must face head-on: It doesn’t have anything to do with your overall stature. Many short men have huge wrists, whereas many tall guys have small wrists. As far as actual size goes, it does come down to that.

   When measuring the wrist, the size of the tiny wrist can be defined as between 6.5 inches (17 cm) and 7 inches (18 cm). For you, if your wrist is larger than the one used in this guide, you will still feel that it is small. These guidelines will benefit you. Measure the length of a dollar bill and wrap it around your wrist to see if this article is rel

How to choose the right size for small wrist

    Whether buying a watch or creating a watch brand, choosing the right size is important. So how do you choose the right watches for small wrists? 

  1. Watch case size

   Based on these sizing principles, small men watch is sized between 38mm and 40mm, while small womens watch is sized less than 36mm.

   Besides the diameter of the case, the case thickness is also an important reference factor. For small wrist, the thickness of the case should not be more than 6mm, the thickness of the watch is more than 6mm, it looks awkward and incongruous to wear in small wrist. 6mm thickness watch case means that you can only choose the thin watch movement when you choose the movement. And making a thin watch movement requires better and more technology than making a pick movement, which means higher costs.

   2. Watch strap width

   Small watch lug width is half of the case diameter, so the small lug width is not more than 20mm. Besides the width, the material of the strap is also very important. The same width of the leather strap and stainless steel strap comparison, stainless steel strap on the wrist with a larger.

   3. Watch design detail

  The last thing worth considering is the design of the timepiece. Simpler timepieces without embellishment will work the best on a small wrist as they bring less attention to the watch. A black leather strap, a metal or white gold case and a simple dial will blend in better than a yellow gold stainless steel band, a diamond encrusted bezel and a chronograph complication on the dial. The same goes for the standard parts of a watch such as the lugs, the pusher, the crown, etc. The larger or bolder these parts, the bolder the watch will appear on your wrist.

There are other ways to find the perfect watch for your wrist size

  •   We recommend selecting a watch with a small case and a slim band for those with skinny wrists.
  •    We should consider wrist thickness when buying a watch, since a more significant case paired with a wide band will better accommodate the thickness of the wrist.
  •    Thin metal clasp forms look nice on larger frames, whilst thicker metal bracelet styles work best on thinner wrists.
  •    If you have a small wrist, select a watch with a basic design. If you have a larger wrist, choose a watch with a busier display and more features like chronograph, gmt, dual time, etc.

Are small watches coming back?

  While some people use “chunky” as a symbol of quality, watches that feel light on the wrist are even better. Because watches are thinner and use less material, they naturally weigh less. A watch with a smaller diameter will be flatter on the wrist because it has a smaller flat surface area. If you want to increase the three-dimensionality of a small watch, you can use doomed sapphire crystal. The hour markers, hands, etc. on the face will be more three-dimensional and deeper.


     The case and dial have a lot of accessible areas, as larger watches contain many features. The thicker and taller the watch, the more awkward the case looks. Similarly, the wider the diameter of the watch, the more negative space the dial will have, making the watch appear unsturdy and plate-like. These design failures are made worse when the case is artificially enlarged to meet the needs of the customer.

Conclusion-Small watch

     In the same way, you can’t purchase clothing that doesn’t fit you; you cannot buy a watch out of proportion to your other apparel items. You will appear smaller if you wear a watch that is too large for you, or worse, appear childish. Too small, and it looks the same no matter where you put it.

     More contemporary fashions result in more prominent and more small watches, which is, unfortunately, less desirable for smaller guys. A tiny gentleman wearing a big watch appears uncomfortable and inelegant. He may be wearing a hand-tailored bespoke suit that fits him perfectly, but that watch will be the centre of attention. The first and foremost purpose of a timepiece is to tell time—also, acute fashion accessory.

    On the other hand, it should be understated, elegant, and discreet as with other accessories. Although beautiful gentlemen avoid wearing flashy, gaudy jewellery, they do not adhere to the same philosophy regarding timepieces, which tend to dazzle and shine more than the wearer. It’s used to make you look better, not to change you.

watches manufacturer in China

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