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It becomes more difficult for men to locate watches that are the proper size for their wrist and proportions, as the popularity of big and large watches has increased. This post aims to provide you with advice on how to pick a wristwatch that fits your hand and wrist size.

What are small watches?

In the last several decades, it has only been that if you bought a men’s wristwatch, it has tended to be on the small side. Small. Little more significant than a Kennedy half-dollar. Men have worn small watches on their wrists for nearly as long as men have worn watches on their wrists, and timepieces have historically varied from 33 to 36 mm. Wristwatches have never been any larger unless they were intended to be sporty and bulky. It is, in fact, the case that enormous watch designs from the past have been criticized as being oversize.

The small watch is ideal for whom?

When is a wrist small? You’re probably right. This is something you must face head-on: It doesn’t have anything to do with your overall stature. Many short men have huge wrists, whereas many tall guys have small wrists. As far as actual size goes, it does come down to that.

When measuring the wrist, the size of the tiny wrist can be defined as between 6.5 inches (17 cm) and 7 inches (18 cm). For you, if your wrist is larger than the one used in this guide, you will still feel that it is small. These guidelines will benefit you. Measure the length of a dollar bill and wrap it around your wrist to see if this article is relevant to you. If a U.S. dollar bill is 6 inches (or shy of 6 inches) in length, you have a tiny wrist.

Things to look at before buying a watch?

The following factors should be considered while purchasing the appropriate watch for your wrist: The various dimensions of the case, including the diameter, thickness, and width, all serve an important role in finding the ideal wristwatch.small watches for men

  • Look out for Case Diameter

Since the diameter of the case demands the most attention, purchasing a new watch should consider the case diameter. Men have a wide range of options from 38mm to 46mm when watching diameters. An object that is located outside this range seems small or enormous, respectively.

  • See the Average Case Thickness

As you’re researching cases, the next thing to think about is the case thickness. Proportional to the case diameter should be the average base depth. It follows, therefore, that the thickness of the ring should increase in size as the diameter of the ring increases.

  • Take note of the bandwidth.

A general rule when it comes to men small watches or women small watches, is that they should have a width equal to half the case diameter. If this is the case, then your watch case should have a bandwidth of 21mm.

  • Take a look at Band Material.

The band’s material is just as significant as the width when it comes to choosing a watch for your wrist. The heavier a metal band looks, the better it looks on bigger wrists.

  • Follow the details

It would help if you also considered everything, such as markers, hands, subdials, and crowns, while making a new watch purchase. The size and prominence of these aspects influence how big a timepiece seems.

How to choose the Right size watches for your wrist?

Once you’ve calculated the dimensions of your wrist and primary features, you’ll discover the ideal watch that best complement your overall appearance. A brand-new wristwatch will appear proportional and attractive on your arm as long as you follow these simple instructions.

There are other ways to find the perfect watch for your wrist size.Small watches wrist length

  • We recommend selecting a watch with a small case and a slim band for those with skinny wrists.
  • Wrist thickness should be considered when buying a watch since a more significant case paired with a wide band will better accommodate the thickness of the wrist.
  • Thin metal clasp forms look nice on larger frames, whilst thicker metal bracelet styles work best on thinner wrists.
  • If you have a small wrist, select a watch with a basic design. If you have a larger wrist, choose a watch with a busier display and more features.
  • Although a case thickness of 6mm is excellent for thin wrists, a case thickness of 8mm is suitable for medium wrists, and a case thickness of 14mm appears to be optimal for big wrists.


Are small watches coming back?

While some folks promote “heft” as a symbol of quality, a watch that feels light on your wrist is superior. Because the watch is thinner and uses less material, it naturally weighs less. A smaller diameter watch will sit flush on your wrist because there’s less flat surface area to sit on. You could make a case about the aesthetics, too.

Watch cases and dials have many accessible areas to cope with because large watches contain many features. The thicker and taller the watch, the more likely the case will have a decidedly slab-like feel to it. Likewise, watches with wider diameters tend to have dials with a lot of negative space, making the watch appear insubstantial and platter-like. These design blunders become all the more grievous when cases are artificially built up to meet customer needs.


In the same way, you can’t purchase clothing that doesn’t fit you; you cannot buy a watch out of proportion to your other apparel items. You will appear smaller if you wear a watch that is too large for you, or worse, appear childish. Too small, and it looks the same no matter where you put it.

More contemporary fashions result in more prominent and more small watches, which is, unfortunately, less desirable for smaller guys. A tiny gentleman wearing a big watch appears uncomfortable and inelegant. He may be wearing a hand-tailored bespoke suit that fits him perfectly, but that watch will be the center of attention. The first and foremost purpose of a timepiece is to tell time—also, acute fashion accessory.

On the other hand, it should be understated, elegant, and discreet as with other accessories. Although beautiful gentlemen avoid wearing flashy, gaudy jewelry, they do not adhere to the same philosophy regarding timepieces, which tend to dazzle and shine more than the wearer. It’s used to make you look better, not to change you.

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