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Rose gold watch

     Are you a watch lover? I am pretty sure you will know how popular rose gold has become because of its style and nature. The talk is not only about silver and gold but rose gold is also becoming everyone’s favorite. Rose gold looks luxurious, with subtle pink and yellow hues that reflect an elegant appeal. It’s rightly said that a woman looks good with confidence and a rose gold watch on her wrist.

What is rose gold plating

    Rose gold, also known as pink gold, is the color of a metal object such as jewelry or jewelry that has been infused with a mixture of gold and copper, or PVD plated to give it a rose gold color. The higher the copper content, the deeper the rose gold pink hue. By gold, we mean 18K, but if our customers have special requirements, as a professional watch manufacturer we also offer 24K plating.
Note that rose gold color is just similar to champagne or pink, not the same color.

How long does rose gold plating last?

    Most women like to wear rose gold colored watches because it helps to enhance the overall image and called the focus of the party. But how long can a rose gold plated watch last without fading? Rose gold plated watches last about 3 years. Compared with other colors such as silver, gold, black, etc., rose gold plating is more unstable and prone to spotting, especially if the wearer does not clean the watch regularly. If customers want to maximize the life of rose gold plating, they can consider measures such as adding a protective film.

Rose gold plating in watch industry

   So how do you turn your watch into a rose gold color? Take the alloy case as an example. The color of the alloy case after polishing into the finished product is silver. If you want to produce rose gold case, you need to send it to electroplating, the better plating method is PVD. So, how do you turn your watch into a rose gold color? Take silver as an example. Alloy and other materials only need silver plating, stainless steel case itself is silver, so no plating. Is it that only rose gold case and band need to be plated? How about other watch accessories? No, rose gold hands, watch band,watch face, watch crown and hour markers need plating to turn into rose gold color.

Why Rose gold watches are popular?

    Rose gold plating is becoming increasingly popular in the watch jewelry and cell phone industry. For example, rose gold is one of the best-selling colors for Apple watches. Similarly, rose gold watches are a popular color in watches, even though rose gold is relatively unstable.
    Rose gold watches are popular because they add to the overall look. Just as jewelry enhances your evening look, a watch can make you the center of attention at an evening party. Rose gold watches have a delicate metallic texture that makes them a favorite. Most women love this watch because of its feminine pink color. You don’t even have to match it with an outfit. It has a luxurious appeal that suits all skin types and looks expensive when worn.

Who provide rose gold watch men and women

    Watchessy can produce noble and elegant rose gold watches for men and women that cater to the unique tastes of both men and women. Our rose gold watches for women and men feature a stunning rose gold finish, adding a touch of luxury to any ensemble. Our rose gold watches men are equipped with a variety of movements, including quartz and automatic, to ensure reliable timekeeping. Case and bezel designs are available, ranging from classic to sporty, to meet individual needs. In addition, the addition of tachymeter, chronograph, and GMT functions adds practicality and sophistication to these watches. The sophisticated and tough design exudes timeless charm, and women can enjoy the luxury of rose gold. Whether it’s for a formal occasion or a casual outing, our watches can handle it with ease.


   Rose gold has dominated fashion from high tech to smartphones, to bathrooms and living areas. Rose gold was never expected to become this popular. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing rose gold watches which clearly shows how much popularity it has gained.

   Rose gold watches have become a fashion staple and necessary to be included in one’s collection. Moreover, the rose gold watches are your go-to for every function either at night or day. This feature of rose gold makes it popular and lovable.

    If you are wearing a dull outfit, it will even brighten up your attire. No doubt, having a gold watch on your wrist makes you glamorous. Women can even wear other ornaments and pieces of jewelry along with a watch because it goes well with everything. Give your wrist a stacked look by wearing other jewelry pieces.

watches manufacturer in China

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