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Quartz watches

What is a quartz watches movement?

The Seiko company presented the world’s first mass-produced quartz watch in 1969. This was called the Astron. A quartz movement is an effective way of proving that a timepiece is battery-powered. This means that a quartz calibre operates through an electrical current from a battery that provides power to the quartz crystal within the movement. This is responsible for it to vibrate further resulting the movement to oscillate and driving the motor. One of the major advantages of a quartz calibre is the accuracy. They are very far more accurate than mechanical movements. The next advantage is convenience. A quartz watch is known to continue to run without the need to wear it or wind it. The last major advantage is that these watches are less expensive than the mechanical watches specially when it comes to luxury watches.

Are Quartz watches good?

The movements look awesome in mechanical watches and there is definitely something special about wearing them. despite these benefits of mechanical watches, the watch quartz are better as compared to the mechanical ones. The quartz watches are the battery powered watches that utilise a quartz crystal and an electronic circuit for them to function. On the other hand, the mechanical watches rely on physical mechanisms to function.

Here are some of the major advantages of Quartz Watches: –

quartz watchesPrice: It has been seen in many incidences that the quartz watches are generally significantly cheaper to purchase. This is mainly due to the fact that the mechanical watches require a costlier manufacturing process. They require various working parts that need to be created to strict specifications. On the other hand, a quartz movement does not require anything special other than a battery and a circuit. Thus, they are manufactured in factories at a much lower price, thereby, resulting in a lower retail cost. This is also a major factor for the price discrepancy between quartz and mechanical watches. They are also significantly cheaper to maintain as the servicing of mechanical watches tends to end up being  expensive. Whereas the quartz watches require servicing by buying a fresh battery and function for many years in the future.


The greatest benefit of Quartz watches is the accuracy. Even the cheapest quartz movements are popular to be the most accurate and tends to lose just a few seconds over the course of a year, as compared to the mechanical watches, which tend to lose that in a day. This makes them incredible assets to timekeeping.


The Quartz in watches are the most ideal watches when it comes to providing pure practicality. These watches have a power reserve that is known to last for years. This is the reason why once you have set the watch to the appropriate date and time, you rarely ever have to set it again.

This is indeed one of the great features of the Quartz watches if you happen to possess multiple watches. This allows you to chop and change with no hassle. On the other hand, in case of mechanical watches, you may have to repeatedly set the time if you are not wearing them every day. This happens to be irritating and annoying for the user. This is in fact, one of the reasons it is advisable to have a fair few pieces of quartz watches, as you can have the liberty to switch it up at short notice.


Size is also an important factor that determines the effectiveness and efficiency of watches. However, this is a factor that is not considered enough, although it is known to make a big difference. Due to the smaller movement size, the quartz watches are found to be much slimmer than the automatics watches. This would be ideal for those with a skinnier wrist. This allows the watch to sit flatter and can also slip under the sleeves more easily.


The Quartz Watches are considered to be go-to watches if you are into a manual job your watches are frequent to experiencing a bashing. The quartz movements are proven to be more durable than the mechanical watches. They tend to take more impacts without any hassle due to the lack of complexity. This is why the hardiest watches like the G-Shock watches are provided with a quartz movement inside.

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