Dive watch has always been a must-have for professional divers and watch enthusiasts. The diver watch withstands the extreme conditions of underwater exploration while providing accurate timekeeping and vital dive information. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of what is a dive watch, exploring features, functions, how to use the bezel on a dive watch, how a dive watch bezel works and more.

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What is a dive watch

   A dive watch, also commonly known as a diver’s watch or dive watch, is a watch designed for underwater diving that is water resistant to at least greater than 1.1 Ma (11 atmospheres), which is equivalent to 100 meters (330 feet). A typical diver’s watch is water resistant to a depth of approximately 200 to 300 meters (660 to 980 feet) and complies with ISO 6425.

   In 1932, Omega invented the Omega Marine, the first true “dive watch”. In order to make the watch more sturdy to withstand water pressure, this watch glass is also made of sapphire crystal glass. In fact, around 1926, Rolex watches had already invented the world’s first waterproof and dust proof watch case. And the founder of Rolex, Hans wild orf, applied for a patent for this watch. This is the first generation of Rolex oyster watch, oyster watch is equipped with luminous hands and hour markers on watch face, screw-down crown firmly screwed to the watch case,crystal sapphire glass, waterproof oyster stainless steel case.

What is a dive watch

How does a dive watch bezel work

   To know how a dive watch works, you first need to understand the construction and characteristics of a dive watch.

       Features of a dive watch:

    Unidirectional diving bezel

   The bezel is part of the case. The bezel of a diver watch usually has a 60-minute scale and a special luminous marking at the zero point, usually a tiny circle or triangle. Since 1983, when Blancpain’s patent for the unidirectional rotating bezel for the Fifty Fathoms expired, all dive watches have had unidirectional bezels. This is because if the bezel were bi-directional, any knock could cause the bezel to rotate, which could lead to serious repercussions.

    Underwater easy to read dials

  When the diving depth is about 10 meters, divers cannot rely on natural light to read the time on the dial. Therefore, the dial of the diving watch must have lume hour and minute markers to facilitate divers to track the time.

    Lume hour,minute and second hand

   First, the second hand must be luminescent, because a moving second hand can only represent the normal operation of the watch in a dark environment. And the luminous hour and minute hands look clearly visible underwater, which is convenient for divers to read the time.

    Strong strap

  The straps of diver watch need to withstand humid environment, corrosion of chemicals in seawater and direct sunlight, and high water pressure, etc. Therefore, most of diving watches are made of rubber or stainless steel, not genuine leather.

    Water resistance

   As mentioned earlier, dive watches are water resistant to at least 10 ATM. Many high-grade diving watch is water resistant to 20ATM, 30ATM, 50ATM and, in extreme cases, 100 ATM. Therefore, speaking, the glass of a diving watch is crystal sapphire, and the crown is screw down.

    Helium escape value

   Some dive watches are equipped with helium discharge valves. Because the watch is in the process of deep diving, with the increase of water pressure, the helium molecules in the water are more than the water molecules under the powerful pressure, the Sapphire crystal will be ejected. So in the process of diving up, open the helium valve, you can remove the helium, don’t affect the use of diving watch function.

    Watch case

   The temperature of seawater and microorganisms will corrode the diving watch, so the case material of the diving watch should be corrosion-resistant stainless steel, such as 316L, 904L and so on.

How to use the bezel on dive watch

     Step 1: twist the bezel counterclockwise so that the minute hand lines up with the zero indicator point. For example, if it’s 10:10, and the diver wants to be in the water before jumping in, then align the dot in the triangle with 10:10.

    Step 2:Next subtract the number of minutes you need to go up from 60. For example, on a 40 minute dive, then 60 minus 40 minutes gives you 20. Turn the bezel so that the minute hand is in line with that number.

how to use bezel on dive watch

     Step 3: The minute hand will move in the normal way throughout the dive. When the minute hand reaches the dive marker position (luminous point), the diver must immediately pay out at the surface. This means that the dive time is over.

    Step 4: Rinse and dry: After each dive, rinse your watch with fresh water to remove any salt or debris. Dry it thoroughly using a soft cloth to prevent corrosion and maintain its pristine condition.

    Step 5: Regular Servicing: To ensure the long-term functionality and accuracy of your dive watch, it is recommended to have it professionally serviced at regular intervals. This includes checking the water resistance, lubricating the movement, and inspecting the overall condition of the timepiece.

how to use a dive watch bezel

Conclusion-what is a dive watch

   Dive watch combines style and functionality to meet the needs of professional divers and watch enthusiasts alike. With rugged construction, water resistance and essential features, these watches make the perfect companion for underwater adventures. By understanding what a dive watch is, how it works, and how to use it effectively, you can embark on your diving adventure with confidence and accuracy. Our watch company can manufacture a dive watch to suit your preferences and dive into the deep sea in style and reliability.


Who made the first dive watch

  Omega launched the Marine diving collection in 1932, the first industrially produced watch. Some people also believe that Rolex’s Oyster watch is the earliest dive watch, as Rolex introduced the Oyster case in 1926 and it kept good time even after being submerged in cold water for over 10 hours without water ingress.

How to wear a dive watch

    Wearing a dive watch is as easy as wearing any other regular watch. Just put it on your wrist. Some wearers worry that wearing a dive watch in everyday life might be a little weird. This concern is unwarranted because a watch can be a fashion accessory or a piece of jewelry, and it is normal to wear a jewelry watch daily. And many luxury brands have dive watches that are worn as everyday wear, such as the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster.

What is the point of a dive watch

  Dive watch helps divers measure time and depth in the water, reducing the risk of injury and death. A qualified dive watch must be equipped with grooves (for easy re-gripping or rotating underwater),100% waterproof,corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant and impact-resistant.

Are dive watch are shock resistant

  Although a dive watch will not withstand affects, the case must still provide sufficient protection against external shocks, especially if the dive watch movement is mechanical one.

Are dive watches waterproof or water resistant

   Diving watches should be at least 100 meter water resistant, and we should only use 10ATM for shallow diving. For deeper dives, the water resistance should be at least 200 meter or higher.

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