Watch manufacturing is an intricate and detailed process, and many watch enthusiasts are curious about the watch manufacturing process. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricate world of watchmaking, exploring the various steps that go into making these beautiful timepieces. From the initial definition of the project to the final watch assembly, we will unravel the details and mysteries of how watches are e manufactured. Join us on a journey through the art and science of watchmaking. 

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 OEM and ODM watch

     OEM and ODM are two common terms in the watch manufacturing industry. The first step in manufacturing watches is to determine if your watch is OEM or ODM manufactured.

   OEM refers to the process where a watch brand or company outsources the production of their watches to a manufacturer who produces the watches based on the brand’s specifications and designs. The watch patent just belongs to watch brand or company, not watch manufacturer.

   ODM involves a manufacturer of watches creating watches based on their own designs and selling them to various brands for re branding. The watch brand or company also can adjust some minor changes like customize the dial, or change the hand, etc.

  Learn more about the difference between OEM and ODM and find the best solution for your needs. 

  For the sake of convenience, the OEM watch is used next to illustrate the process of watch manufacturing.

Project Definition

Type of watches

  Watch type primarily to the overall design, appearance and intended use of a watch. Watches manufacturers will need to determine with the customer what style of watch you want, pilot watch, field watch, vintage watch, minimalist watch, dress watch, business watch, ring watch, pocket watch, carbon fiber watch, titanium watch, stainless steel watch, etc.

type of watches

Function watch

       Watches provide the time of day. If the watch is with 2 hands, provide the hours and minutes. If the watch is 3 hand, it will also provide seconds. Many watches will also provide the date and day of the week and month. Some watches come with 4 hands, 5 hands and 6 hands to represent more complicated functions such as a chronograph, GMT, Dual time, etc.  

Watch specification

    Watch specifications include various elements such as case material, case shape, glass material (mineral glass,crystal sapphire,acrylic),case diameter, watch lug,strap material, strap length, clasp style,dial design, movement type, water resistance,ect. For example, determine whether the movement is quartz or automatic, and whether the movement is Swiss or Japanese or Chinese movement brand. If the watch is intended for diving, it should be water resistant to over 10 ATM. In addition, the hour and minute hands and hour markers are luminous.

    After the watch type and specifications are confirmed, it is time to move on to design the watch. Watch design is a creative endeavor that involves conceptualizing the aesthetics, proportions, and visual elements of a watch. It considers factors such as ergonomics, legibility and brand image to create a visually appealing and functional watch.

   Watch design usually begins with hand-drawn watch sketches. Watch sketches usually come from a customer or a watch designer’s idea, and then after refining the details of the sketch, the designer uses the relevant software Solid works or CAD to transform the sketch into a detailed drawing that specifies the dimensions, materials, and manufacturing of watches process.

Feasibility study

     Once we confirm the watch specifications and design, we perform the watch engineering. Engineering includes verifying the feasibility and functionality of the watch design to ensure that the design can be successfully translated into a physical watch product. For example, if the second hand is too long, it is necessary to calculate the torque of the movement enough to move the second hand.

     Watch design and engineering requires the collaboration of designers, engineers and manufacturers to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications and quality standards.

Watch sample development and production

        Following watch engineering drawing, manufacture the sample. When the samples are completed, they must need to tested and inspected. These inspections include quality testing, performance testing, and whether they produce the shape details according to the drawings. If the tests yield positive results, we can confirm the samples. If the customer makes minor adjustments to the sample, it is acceptable.If some customer wants to get Free sample watch,please email to

Mass watch parts manufacturing and procurement

    Watch components include the case (bezel, caseback,lug, glass or crystal, etc.), face, crown, movement, and strap (buckle).

    Our watch parts manufacturers have rich production experience and are reliable. For example, watch case manufacturers have been cooperating with us for 7 years. These excellent watch parts suppliers enable us to purchase the best products at the most suitable prices.

      As a reliable watch factory, we will carry out full inspection of watch parts and relevant tests. For example, the plating watch case needs to undergo a salt spray test, abrasion resistance test, waterproof test, and so on.

    Some watch supplier also provide watch packaging. The watch packaging includes not only the watch box but also the instruction manual, warranty card, and so on.

 Watch test and certificates

     When we complete the assembly and inspection, we send the watches to a third party organization such as SGS, BV for testing. Because the vast majority of customers come from Europe and the United States, ROHS, CE or FCC certificates are required. If the order quantity is 500pcs, ROHS or CE is free.

    We can provide the relevant packaging combination according to the customer’s requirements. The watch package includes usually includes a watch box, warranty card, manual and so on.

Conclusion-watch manufacturing

      Through the complex process of watch design, engineering and manufacturing, watch manufacturing companies can effectively transform a customer’s creative vision into a physical watch. This step is critical to ensure that the finished watch not only meets the original design, standards and aesthetic expectations but also functions perfectly to provide an exceptional timekeeping experience for the end consumer. Watchessy as a watch manufacturing China can provide OEM and ODM wach manufacutirng for our customer and help our customer to start a watch company.

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