Throughout the history of watches, there has been a proliferation of designs ranging from the classic round to the modern square, and everything in between. This diversity not only showcases the evolution of technology and fashion, but also presents watch enthusiasts with a unique dilemma: choosing between square  watch vs round watches. The watch case is the heart of the watch, determining watch design, its audience and watch function(dual time,gmt,ect). In this article we will discuss the difference square watch and round watch and help you make the right choice between the two.

square watch or round watch

Square vs round watch style

   Square watch case are angular, straight and modern. The likes of the Cartier tank watch collection and the Apple smart watch have popularized this futuristic design. The round watch is more classic and timeless and is usually associated with traditional watch making. Some high luxury brands such as Rolex and Omega favor the round watch case and continue to refine and innovate the functions and design of the round case, making the round watch suitable for all occasions.

2.Comfort and wearability

   The comfort of a watch will greatly affect its wearability. Square watches with crisp edges are comfortable for narrower wrists, but may feel awkward on larger wrists. In contrast, round watches are more ergonomically designed to fit the wrist naturally due to their smooth contours, making them comfortable to wear on most wrist sizes.

3.Watch display

   When it comes to display, square watches have a larger face area and can display more information. This is especially beneficial for smartwatches, as the extra screen space facilitates more functionality. However, round watches offer a classic display that many consider to be more aesthetically pleasing, especially for analog watches where the round watch dial enhances the design.

4.Watch function

  For function watches, round watch is more suitable than square watch. For example, a dive watch is usually a round case, because the water resistance of a round watch case is better than that of a square watch.

  In addition, for a multi-function watch such as a chronograph, there are pushers on the side of the case in addition to the regular crown. So round watch is more suitable for multi-function watches.

5.Watch Manufacturing difficulty

Square watches are more difficult and costly to manufacture than round watches of similar sizes, because square watches, including rectangular watches, are considered irregular, making them more difficult to polish. It is also more difficult to manufacture the accessories of a square watch, such as the watch glass and the inner cover, than a round watch.

6.Durability and Mainternance

   Durability usually depends on the build quality of the watch rather than its shape. However, square watches may be more prone to damaging case edges when subjected to impact. Maintenance needs are similar for both shapes, but square watches may require more care when replacing parts such as watch crystal or straps, which may be less standardized than round watches.

Conclusion-Square vs circle watch

   Choosing a square or round watch is a very personal decision that reflects a person’s style, lifestyle, and their values of functionality and aesthetics. Square watches offer a modern, distinctive look and potentially more functionality, especially when it comes to smartwatches, while round watches offer timeless elegance and comfort. Whichever watch you choose, what works for you is best. As a watch manufacturer, we suggest you make your choice based on your actual needs. If the budget is heavy enough, you can buy both watches for different traveling needs.

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   In the modern world, not only a watch does more than just tell time, but also it is a symbol of personal style, status, and individuality. How to choose custom watches vs wholesale watches means a lot to watch distributor or startups with different needs. As a watch manufacturer, we will discuss the difference between custom watches and wholesale watches in this blog to help you make the right decision.

Custom watch

   Custom watch is a way for customers to fullydesign own watch according to their own brand positioning and philosophy. This customization includes the main watch parts (watch case, movement,watch dial, hour and minute hand, watch strap, watch crown). The uniqueness of a customized watch is unmatched by a wholesale watch. In addition, the details of a customized watch are meticulous and the amount of work involved is enormous. Take the case as an example, in the design of the case is besides the most simple to consider the shape of the case, (square or round watch, but also consider the size of the watch and take into account the structure and function of the watch. For example, tachymeter watch in addition to the main body of the case also need tachymeter watch bezel. For example a diving watch also need to take into account the watch glass to be made of sapphire crystal,the crown should be screw down crown and so on.

Wholesale watch

   Wholesale watches are completed watches purchased directly from watch suppliers. These watches are mass-designed, making it easier for consumers to find a watch that fits their style and budget. And wholesale watches allow retailers to purchase multiple types of watches at once from watch manufacturers because of low minimum order quantity. Wholesale watches, ranging from luxury brands to affordable watches, can cater to a diverse customer base, expanding market reach and increasing sales potential.

Custom watch VS Wholesale watch

  Customize watch and wholesale watch each have different uses and advantages to satisfy different customer groups, so what are the differences between the two of them? cost

   The custom watch accessories are customized, so it needs the mold fee to open the mold to make the case, face, strap and other watch parts. For example, to customize a stainless steel watch, the tooling fee for the case starts at $400, which varies according to the complexity of the watch design. Wholesale watches, on the other hand, are sourced from existing styles and inventory of watch factories, so there is no need to pay for mold fees.
In addition, customized watches are more costly to purchase because of small quantities. Whereas watch factories purchase wholesale watches in large quantities, so the cost is lower.

2.Minimum order quantity

   Watches manufacturers who make molds for unique designs make customized watches, so there are certain requirements for the MOQ. For example, the MOQ of titanium watches is usually 500 pcs. Wholesale watches are purchased as a finished product and have a low MOQ. Some watch factories can even offer 1pcs MOQ.


 Customized watches are customized ased on the designs provided by the guests. Some customer even sign confidentiality agreements with the watch manufacturers to ensure that their designs will not be leaked. Watchessy is glad to sign that confidential agreement with their customers. Therefore, customized watches are unique and do not face homogeneous competition. In addition, the unique design builds the customer’s sense of identity with the brand. For example, the Rolex datejust series,As soon as you see a dog watch bezel, you can think of Rolex.

     Wholesale watches, on the other hand, are purchased directly from the watch factories and face homogenized competition and even fierce price wars.

4.Delivery time

   Customized watches take longer than wholesale watches because the watches manufacturers need time to design,manufacture and assemble the watch parts according to guests’ requirements. For example, the production time for a customized 300pcs stainless steel watches is about 60~65 days.

5.Watch style

   If your order is 300pcs and choose customized watches, you can only customize one style in general. However, if you choose wholesale watches for 300 pcs watch order, you can choose 30 styles according to the starting order quantity of 10 watches. Therefore, with the same order quantity, wholesale has more varieties and can choose sports watches, business watches, luxury watch,dress watches, etc. to meet different market segments.

Conclusion-Custom watch VS Wholesale watch

  Choosing between custom watches and wholesale watches ultimately depends on personal preferences, needs and budget. If you want to create your own watch brand or have a good budget, customized watches are a better choice. If you have a limited budget, then affordable wholesale watches with a wide range of styles will better meet your needs.

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My name is Momo Cheng. I am the business manager of Watchessy. have been in watches industry since 2012. Feel free to contact us. I am happy to provide your the professional solution, the best watches products and service.

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    The Field Watch is a minimalist military watch designed to tell accurate time, derived from the rigors of military life, a testament to simplicity and functionality. Its design philosophy rests on the core principle of providing accurate timekeeping in the rigors of combat and outdoor activities. Unlike other watch types that are aesthetically pleasing, field watches are de-cluttered to ensure that the wearer can glance down and keep time without distraction. This simplicity is not only a design choice, but an important feature, as it must remain reliable and readable in the harshest conditions.

The history of filed watch

    Aside from handguns, the field watch as a necessary tool for soldiers can be traced back to the First World War. World War I artillery was widely used and cannons were at the front of the line, so in order to avoid casualties, synchronizing time between troops could reduce friendly casualties, thus giving birth to the field watch. The first field watch was not a wrist watch but a pocket watch. However, fumbling with a pocket watch in the chaos of battle was not practical. So watch manufacturing companies developed watches that could be worn on the wrist, so that soldiers didn’t have to free up one hand to look at their watch, but could simply raise their hand to see the time. This was important on the brutal battlefield where time was of the essence.

   Why it is called a field watch reflects its use and environment. These watches are suitable for open and often unpredictable environments, as designers intend. They had to be rugged, reliable, and instantly recognizable, whether at dusk, dawn, or in the murky light of a new moon. This necessity gave birth to the field watch, wh

What is a field watch?

 The essence of a field watch is its design and functionality.

Sturdy and durable case: A hard case protects the precision devices inside, such as the movement. Case materials are 316L stainless steel, titanium, tungsten steel, carbon fiber, etc. These high-strength, corrosion-resistant case materials can ensure that the watch can operate normally in harsh conditions.

Simple design: The field watch does away with unnecessary decorations such as luxury diamond bezel because the main purpose of the field watch is time synchronization, so complications such as date, chronograph, and multiple time zones are unnecessary.

Sapphire crystal: The sapphire glass is extremely resistant to scratches and protects the dial in the event of a scratch or impact. The wearer can easily read the time on sapphire glass compared to mineral glass, thanks to its superior clarity.

Conclusion-what is a filed watch

    In short, a field watch is more than just a timepiece; it is a symbol of resilience, power, and history. Its design is deeply rooted in the realities of military life, and it has transcended its origins to become a favorite staple of outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers and watch aficionados.

    As a professional watch supplier, we can not only provide various styles of field watches but also customize watches according to customers’ needs.

watchessy watch sales

My name is Momo Cheng. I am the business manager of Watchessy. have been in watches industry since 2012. Feel free to contact us. I am happy to provide your the professional solution, the best watches products and service.

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   The watch industry has changed dramatically over the years and China has become a powerhouse in manufacturing and supplying innovative and quality watches. So when considering sourcing a watch or starting your own watch brand, people mostly look towards China. Watches manufacturers in China can offer a choice of watches ranging from traditional mechanical watches to nowadays smartwatches. And these watches are manufactured to meet international standards such as CE, ROHS, FCC, etc.
  There are thousands of China watch factory, so how to find a new watch supplier for consumers who are not familiar with the Chinese market? Then this article will introduce you to 14 manufacturers in China ranging from cheap Yiwu watches to high end Chinese watches like Seagull.

Table of Contents

   3 well was established in 1986 and has become a key watch manufacturer in Hong Kong and China.They are experts in quality stainless steel watch with automatic and quartz movement.And They are also experienced in producing complete and semi-assembled watches for Certified Swiss Made watches.

   Their production and assembling factory is located in Shenzhen with 200 experienced staff.The facility meet international quality stardards(IS900,Q-Mark).

  Watchessy is a professional OEM & ODM watch manufacturer in China that supply the watch products over 50 watch brands in Europe and North American. With a vast selection of watches, ranging from high-end luxury brands to affordable yet stylish options, Watchessy caters to every taste and budget.

  They can help their customer from watch design to watch manufacturing and watch package.They work with Swiss Sellita, Japan Miyota, Seiko quartz and mechanical,automatic movements.They allow the customer to customize or design a watch with 300pcs MOQ with different color.The watch design means the case,strap,dial and hour and minute hand can be customized based on customer’s request.

   When it comes to a watch made in China, you have to mention Seagull watches. Seagull was born in 1955 in Tianjin, China. After a few decades of development, Seagull watches have developed into a production base, integrating watch movement development, production, watch assembly and sales. Especially Seagull mechanical watches have gained fame both at home and abroad, with demand outstripping supply both at home and abroad. The development history of Seagull watches is also a mirror of Chinese watch manufacturing.

  Istarmax was founded in 2015 and has over 7 years of experience in smartwatch manufacturing. They specialize in smart watch R&D, design and manufacturing. With over 400 employees and 6000 square factory, they can cover the complete process of smartwatch manufacturing and provide one-stop solution for their guests. In addition, Istarmax focuses on R&D and creativity, investing millions every year to develop new technologies, and has hundreds of smartwatch patents certifications and intellectual property rights.

  Located in Guangzhou,Yonghong is a diversified watch enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and marketing. Yonghongzb has exquisite watchmaking technology, intelligent production management system and excellent management team, experienced professional and technical team and excellent design team. Yonghongzb watch parts industry chain is stable, with a production capacity of 10W watches in 3 days. If there is a rush watch order, Yonghong watches will not let you down.

Custom watches VS wholesale watches yonghongzb

   Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Zhanhui Watch Co., Ltd. is a large-scale wrist watch manufacturer in China, integrating design, development, production and sales. ZH has a team of excellent designers and has owned several intellectual property rights. Zhanhui has its own know-how on how to design a watch according to customers’ budget. Each watchmaking process is rigorously assembled and closely coordinated to ensure the quality of the watches.

  Guangdong SKMEI Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with more than 300 employees now. SKMEI has more than 4000 SKU watches in stock for customers to choose from, including men’s watches , women’s models, sports watches, smart watches and so on. The variety of products can meet the needs of different customers. A large inventory allows for dropshipping and low MOQ orders.

For example,if your start-up fund is limited,then ODM watch  order is a good option and you can choose Skemei. But it also creates fierce competition in the market with the same products.

  Montrichard Group was found in Hong Kong over 20 years ago, with subsequent offices in the United States and Europe, and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China and Switzerland. Watches made in Montrichard’s China facility meet stringent quality standards and offer excellent value for money. In addition, the assembly plant in Switzerland can produce certified Swiss made watches. However, their MOQ is usually 500pcs, which is a bit stressful for start-ups. But for established watch brands, Montrichard can provide a boost to the rapid expansion of watch brands, shaping your watch brand through product design and re-demonstrating brand vitality.

Custom watches VS wholesale watches Meigeer watch 1

  Meigeer was founded in 1997 and to date has over 300 employees and a separate watch case and watch assemble factory with an annual production capacity of 100W pcs. Meigeer has a proven watch manufacturing operation and can provide high quality, timely delivered watches at competitive prices. They are a cooperative watch supplier to some of the world’s leading watch brands. However, if you want to customize a watch from scratch to finish (case,dial,strap), the MOQ is 500pcs. If you can accept the existing watch casecstyle, just add the mark. The MOQ is 300pcs. If you want to customize the watch box, the MOQ is also 500pcs.


  MPI was founded in Hong Kong, China in 1974. After over 40 years of development, it established its own glass factory in Shenzhen in 1990. 2004 saw MPI become a complete manufacturer of watch accessories and finished products, exporting to over 50 countries and regions. Manson is exceptionally honest and bold enough to say “no” to customer proposals and suggestions if they are not workable after expert evaluation.

Custom watches VS wholesale watches Forsing watch 1

   Forsing watch company limited has more than 20 years of experience in watch manufacturing and their own brands of FORSINING, T-WINNER, JARAGAR and JIAXIN watches are very popular. With their own design team and watch assembly factory, they guarantee to provide new designs every month for customers’ reference to keep them informed of watch trends.

   CRISEN is a quartz and mechanical watch customization factory in Dongguan with over 100 employees and their own cases. They specialize in providing quality watch customization services to their global guests and have a strong production capacity of 10,000 watches per day and up to 250,000 watches assembled per month.

yiwu watch

 GUISUN is a watch design, development, production and sales in one entity, in Yiwu, China. In China, besides Guangdong, which is the middle and high-end watch production base, there is also the low-end Yiwu watch production base. Their primary products are silicone watches, gift watches, quartz watches. They are mainly exported to South America, Middle East and other countries and regions with new products, new styles and low prices to win customers.

   Choosing the right watch manufacturer in China can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available. But the 14 watches manufacturers above stand out for their exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you want to change a new watch supplier or expand your watch business to find a new watch manufacturer or create a watch brand, these manufacturers and suppliers offer the best of what China offers. By choosing any of these highly respected companies, you are not just buying a watch, but potentially your future as well.

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   To choose the perfect watch, the watch material is just as important as the design. Among the many materials available, titanium and stainless steel stand out for their durability and corrosion resistance. Titanium watches are known for their superior strength and lighter weight, despite being more expensive than stainless steel watches.This blog will explore the difference between the titanium vs stainless steel watch to help you choose the best watch for you.

titanium vs stainless steel watch

Table of Contents

What is stainless steel watch

     Until the 1930s, most pocket timepiece or wrist watches were made of precious metals such as gold and silver. Because of technological advances and advances in technology, stainless steel material made its way into the watchmaking industry and quickly became popular.    

Custom watches VS wholesale watches stainless steel watch

     Before discussing stainless steel watches, it is necessary to understand the stainless steel materials types commonly used in the watch industry. Currently, the mainstream stainless steel watches are manufactured from 3 types of stainless steel materials (304, 316L, 904L). 304 stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance because it contains a relatively high chromium content, which allows it to form an oxidized layer on the surface of the steel case. This layer protects the stainless steel watch from erosion. In addition,watch manufacturers can easily mold 304 steel into the intricate styles and design required for high-end watches.

   Besides 304 steel, the watches industry commonly uses 316L and 904L steels today. 316L stainless steel has added molybdenum, which enhances the ability of the 316L material to withstand the dress of salt water and other chemicals. In addition 316L stainless steel is strong and scratch resistant, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear.

   904L is the most corrosion resistant of the three steel grades because 904L contains higher amounts of chromium (19%-23%) and molybdenum (4%-5%). Coupled with 904L’s superior wear and durability and scratch resistance, 904L has become the preferred choice of luxury watch brands, such as Rolex and Omega.

What is titanium watch

what is titanium watch

  Titanium is a lustrous transition metal known for its strength, lightweight, and resistance to corrosion, setting titanium watches apart from traditional materials such as stainless steel or precious metals.

   The qualities of titanium that make it ideal for the watchmaking industry that titanium is 45% lighter than stainless steel for the same size, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. In addition, titanium is exceptionally strong, plus corrosion-resistant to withstand salt water, sweat, deep sea and other environmental factors, so titanium is very suitable for diving watches, by diving enthusiasts like.

Titanium vs stainless steel watch

    For making watch cases and straps, both stainless steel and titanium have their own strengths and weaknesses. When comparing stainless steel and titanium watches, there are many factors to consider, such as price, strength, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, weight, appearance, suitability for diving, and environmental impact.


  Price: The first thing you will notice when comparing stainless steel vs titanium watch is the difference in price. For the same watch specification (case, movement, hand and strap) Stainless steel watches are more affordable than titanium watches because of the complex processing required for titanium, as well as the higher price of the raw material itself. Stainless steel watches can range in price from as little as $100 for a fashion watch brand to tens of thousands of dollars for a high-end watch brand, and are very popular with customers of all levels of consumption.

   Scratch Resistance: Stainless steel, while durable, is more prone to scratching than titanium. This susceptibility to scratching means that stainless steel watches may show signs of wear over time, affecting their appearance and possibly even their value.Some people like the feeling of age that comes with watch scratches, so for those people, stainless steel watches are more suitable.

   Titanium watches have gained a reputation for their remarkable durability, especially in their ability to resist scratches. Because the natural oxidized layer that forms on the surface of titanium provides an additional layer of protection, which helps the titanium watch maintain its new look for a long time.

    Strength: Both materials are known for their sturdiness and ability to withstand daily wear and tear. But vs stainless steel watches, titanium watch have a higher strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that for the same strength, titanium watches weigh less than stainless steel watch. This combination of lightness and strength therefore makes titanium watches favored by comfort conscious individuals.

  Corrosive Resistance: titanium has superior corrosion resistance, including in environments such as seawater. People who are constantly exposed to harsh environments can rely on titanium’s superior corrosion resistance, which ensures that titanium watches remain intact for a long time.

  Appearance: titanium watch has a distinctive modern aesthetic characterized by a grayish hue. Stainless steel watch has a bright appearance. For customers who favor understated luxury, titanium may be a better fit. For those who prefer youthful fashion, stainless steel watches are a better choice.

  Hypoallergenic: Titanium is a hypoallergenic metal. Vs stainless steel watch, titanium does not contain nickel, so it is the best choice for people with sensitive skin, as nickel might cause rashes or allergies. If you are prone to allergic awareness, titanium watches are a better choice.

  Suitable for Diving: A diving watch requires specific features to withstand the pressures and conditions of the underwater environment. Stainless steel is a common choice for dive watches due to its strength and corrosion resistance, especially 904L or 316L. But the weight of stainless steel watch can be a drawback for some divers who prefer a watch that is lightweight and doesn’t hinder underwater movement.

   Titanium is ideal for dive watches because of its superior corrosion resistance and lightweight properties. Titanium watches are popular among divers because of their ability to withstand the corrosive effects of seawater and their comfortable weight.

   Environmental protection: With the development of the economy, there is an increasing focus on protecting the environment. Stainless steel is highly recyclable and its production involves a well-established recycling infrastructure. This recyclability reduces the need for new raw materials, making stainless steel watches more environmentally friendly.

  Titanium is also recyclable, and its extraction and processing has a lower environmental impact than some other metals. However, the production of titanium can be more energy intensive, which is a factor to consider when evaluating the overall environmental friendliness of a titanium watch.

Conclusion:Titanium vs stainless steel watch

   Choosing between titanium watch vs a stainless steel watch comes down to preference, lifestyle, and budget. If you prefer lightweight comfort and a modern look, a titanium watch may be the best choice for you. Conversely, if you’re looking for a classic, sturdy, value-for-money watch, a stainless steel watch may be ideal for you. Both materials offer their own unique advantages and are timeless investments for watch enthusiasts.

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   In the world of watches, the strap is an indispensable watch component. A watch strap/watch band/watch band bracelet is a bracelet that straps or secures the watch to the wrist. A watch strap not only adds style but also ensures comfort and functionality. This blog aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of watch strap, watch band parts, different watch band size and materials and the importance of choosing the right size for your wrist., you will be equipped with all the knowledge to make an informed choice when selecting a watch strap.

watch band

Table of Contents

Watch band parts

  So what are the parts of a watch band? A watch band mainly includes watch clasp/buckle, watch band pins, watch strap body. Understanding these watch band parts, you can better choose the right watch band for yourself.

Watch band parts

Watch clasp

     Watch clasp or watch buckle is usually made of stainless steel, through which the ends of the strap can be connected and secured to the wrist without accidental detachment. We attach the buckle to the strap by a spring bar.

Watch clasp
Folding clasp

Watch clasp comes in a variety of designs such as folding clasp, butterfly clasp, pin buckle, and jewelry clasp. Each watch clasp design offers a different level of security and ease of use. For example, the unfolding clasp is both secure to use, allowing you to put on and take off your watch with ease.

    The most common clasp buckle is the pin buckle, which comprises a claw that passes through a hole in the strap and a frame that holds it in place. This type of buckle is simple to use and secure. We often use it on leather watch bands, rubber straps or Nato watch straps.

pin buckle
Watch band pins

Watch band pins

   Watch band pins, also known as spring bars, are also made of stainless steel and secure the band to the case. It is a small pin fitted with a spring that fits into the lugs of the case. When choosing a strap, it is important to make sure that the pin is of good quality and will hold the strap securely. This will prevent any accidental detachment and potential damage to the watch.
   These watch band pins are available in two styles: a regular lug and a switch spring bar. The switch spring bar, in particular, realizes the vision of one watch with different straps.

Watch strap body

  Watch strap body is the important parts of a watch band. We usually make watch strap body of stainless steel, leather, rubber or nylon braid.

   Watch strap body is divided into 2 parts, long piece and short piece.

    We usually connect the short piece with the buckle. There are also a few parts, such as leather strap, nylon strap or ribbon strap that are one piece.

Watch strap

   We can categorize watch strap body into straight and tapered based on the shape of the strap body. Straight means that the strap is a straight line from end to end. Tapered means that the strap is a diagonal line from end to end.

watches band

Stainless steel watch band/watch strap

   One of the most popular watches band, the Stainless steel watch band, is a perfect blend of elegance and durability. We know it for its resistance to rust, discoloration and scratches, making it perfect for everyday wear.

S1:Head link

Head link is the watch band parts where the strap is connected to the case, through the watch band pins to a watch lug.


      Link is fixed on the strap, we connect the links with spring bar, no holes on the side.

S3:Removable link

        Removable links have holes on the side of the strap. These removable links allow the length of the strap to be adjusted within a certain range to suit larger or smaller wrists. Generally speaking, the quantity of removable link strap is 4~6 pcs.

S4:End link

         End link is the links connected with the buckle. Sometimes the mark of the strap can be put on the end link.


        It connected the clasp to the end link by the tail band pin. We can open the clasp to extend the length of the watch, making it easier for the customer to wear the watch.

S6:Spring bar

    Spring bar secures the strap to the case and the length of the spring bar is determined by the lug width.

Stainless steel watch band

FAQ-Stainless steel watch band

      Stainless steel strap belong to a broad category of metal strap. Because metal strap also include titanium watch band, ceramic and stainless steel band,14K band and so on.

  Stainless steel band material is 304,316L,904L of three kinds.904L steel performance is the most excellent, the most corrosion resistant, currently only some luxury brands such as Rolex, Omega and other brands 904L. Because 904L is more difficult to process and more expensive. 316L is the three most cost-effective and the choice for most stainless steel watches. 316L has better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is lower than 904L.304 steel corrosion resistance and wear resistance is not as good as 316L and 904L, but the price is relatively low.

    In the watch industry, it gave stainless steel watch band various treatments to give the whole watch a unique style. The treatments referred to here are sandblasted, brushed, polished, polished+brushed. For example, manufacturers usually brush or polish+brush vintage style watch bands. For example, manufacturers usually brush the band of vintage style watch cases.

Stainless steel watch strap

PVD plating

     The original color of the stainless steel band is silver, so silver stainless steel strap doesn’t need plating. If you want rose gold, gold, black, gunmetal watch, you need to do PVD plating on top of the silver band.

plating color

Leather watch strap/leather watch band

     Leather watch strap exudes sophistication and elegance. They are available in various types of leather, including genuine leather, calf and alligator. Leather watch straps are comfortable to wear as they soften over time and mold to your wrist. They are perfect for formal occasions or to add a touch of class to your outfit.

L1:Head of the leather strap

        Someone mainly connected leather strap head to the watch case. Some leather strap heads are curved, while others are straight.

Leather strap watches

L2:Watch band pin

       The pin is placed inside the head of the leather strap and is used to fasten the strap to the lugs. There are different sizes of lugs, so you need to choose the right size to change the strap. In addition, there are 2 types of lug holes, one is sealed, and the other is perforated.

lug holes

L3:Leather watch band body

    Someone primarily categorized watch band body into long piece and short piece. There are also a few band bodies, which is a whole band.

L4:Watch buckle

   Taking the most common buckle as an example, parts of a buckle comprises Claw, Frame and Spring bar.

pin buckle


   Change holes are used to adjust the length of the strap and make it fit the wrist better. The number of holes is 8~10. The holes are usually round or rectangular. The Claw on the clasp goes through the holes to connect the long piece to the short piece.

L6: Loop

   We mainly used loop for fixing the strap. There are 2 loops on the short piece. We placed one fixed loop close to the buckle, and we secured the end of the strap with a moving loop that can be swung on the strap.

L7:Leather strap back

    Leather strap back is made of genuine leather. And this kind of genuine leather has the quality of absorbing sweat. In addition, some watch brands will print the watch brand logo and genuine leather logo on the leather strap back.

L8:End of strap

  We divide the watch band tail into Ogive, Semi-squared, Curved, Square with rounded angles. Ogive, Semi-squared, curved, Square with rounded angles.

parts of watch band

Mesh watch band/watch band bracelet/Mesh bracelet

    Mesh watch band are watch bands that have stainless steel wires that look like a net. Watch band bracelet is a modern choice that combines fashion and function. We made it of interwoven metal links and is extremely breathable, making it ideal for those who like to stay cool and airy.

M1First links

  First link is used to connect the case.

M2Watch pin

  Just like a belt, we place the watch band pin inside the first link and connected to the earpieces.

M3Watch clasp

   Watch band mesh has 4 clasp type:Pin buckle, safety buckle. There is also a kind of magnetic clasp that has become more popular in recent years.

watch band bracelet

M4Watch strap body

   There are 2 kinds of mesh bracelet, the common one is two parts (long piece and short piece), and there is also one kind of mesh bracelet which is one over the other.
  Depending on the thickness of the stainless steel wire, we can divide it into different mesh bracelet such as 0.4mm, 0.6 wire and 1mm.

mesh bracelet


  There are 6~10 potholes on the long piece of the two-piece mesh watch band, which are used to adjust the length of the mesh watch band.

M6Watch band tail

Mesh watch band

Rubber strap/Silicone strap/Plastic strap

  Because rubber strap, silicone strap and plastic strap are very similar. Therefore, we take the silicone strap as an example to explain parts of the silicone strap. Put, the structure of the silicone strap is like that of the leather strap, so parts of silicone strap can be referred to the leather strap in the previous article. Rubber strap is comfortable to wear and easy to clean, very suitable for diving watches.

rubber strap

Nylon watch strap/Nylon watch band

   Manufacturers make nylon watch straps from durable nylon and originally designed them for military use. We know them for their reliability, ease of use, and versatility. Most of nylon watch bands are one-piece long watch bands. So the one-piece Nato watch band is explained as an example.


N1:Nylon watch strap body

    Most nylon watch straps are one long piece. We split a few (long piece and short piece).

Nylon watch strap

N2:Watch clasp of nylon band

  Most nylon straps have a buckle style similar to a leather strap.

N3:Watch strap hole

   The number of holes of Nylon watch band is 8~13, and the number of holes is more than leather watch band.

N4:Watch loop

   The watch loops of nylon watch band differ from leather strap. We made the loops of leather watch bands of leather, while we make the loops of nylon watch band of stainless steel or nylon.
   The loop of Zuzu nylon strap is stainless steel, and the number of loops is usually 3 to 4, 2 fixed loops, and 1 to 2 mobile loops.

N5:End of nylon watch band

  Band tails are divided into arcs, half-squares, arcs, and squares with rounded corners. Arc with rounded corners, semi-square, arc, square.

Nylon watch band

Watch band size chart/Watch band sizes

    Watch bands are of standard length, like jewelry bracelets. The standard length of watch band is 115x75mm, as mentioned above, the length of watch band is divided into two parts, the standard length of long piece is 115mm, and the standard length of short piece is 75mm. However, the length of men’s watch bands is 22~26cm, for example, the length of a long piece of leather band is 120mm, and the length of a short piece is 80mm. Leather band watches for women is 18cm~20cm. The length of leather band watches for women is 18cm~20cm, of which the length of the long piece is 110mm and the length of the short piece is 70mm.
These sizes can meet the needs of most people.

watch band size

   Besides the length of the strap, the watch band size also includes the watch band width. Especially the width of the head of a strap is also called watch lug width. commonly used watch band sizes are 24mm watch band,22mm watch band,21mm watch strap,20mm watch strap,19mm watch strap, 18mm watch strap,16mm watch band,14mm watch band, etc. Here 24mm or 22m refers to the watch band’s width.

Conclusion:Watch strap

    Choosing the right strap is critical to enhancing the functionality and style of your watch. From buckles and strap pins to different materials such as stainless steel, leather, mesh, Nato and rubber, each component offers unique features and benefits. By understanding these strap components and sizes, you can make an informed decision when choosing the perfect strap for your watch. Remember to consider your personal preferences, lifestyle and occasions to find a strap that not only complements your watch but also reflects your personality.
   Watchessy, as a professional watch strap manufacturer, can customize the watch band according to your needs. For example, if your watch style is a business watch, then the strap should be a stainless steel band or leather band. Leather strap.
   In addition, most of our watch bands are with switch spring bar, so the customer can match different watch bands according to the style of wearing. And we can provide free tools to change the strap.

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  Water resistance is an important feature of a watch that provides a protection against water. So understanding the water resistant rating is especially important for buyers. In this blog post, we will explain watch water resistant meaning, study water resistant chart, distinguish water resistant vs waterproof, and help you choose the right watch for your needs. Let’s go into the world of water resistant watch.

Table of Contents

What does water resistant mean

   Water resistance is the ability of a watch to withstand water to a certain extent. It is important to note that water resistance does not guarantee that the watch is completely waterproof. Water resistance can only mean that it guaranteed the watch to be waterproof for a certain period or under certain conditions. If you want to know the water resistance rating of your watch, you can check the case back or dial for the words WATER RESISTANT. Watch manufacturers will produce different water resistance ratings for their watches to meet the needs of different customers.

Watch water resistance chart

  Watch water resistance chart outlines the different water resistance ratings in atmospheric pressure (ATM). Each ATM rating indicates the pressure a watch can withstand without water penetrating the case. Let’s inspect the different water resistant rating.

Watch water resistance chart

0ATM/0 BAR/0 M/0ft

    0ATM water resistant watch are not suitable for wearing in any water and should be kept away from wet environments. Some unscrupulous watch makers will glamorize a 0ATM water resistant as a water resistant construction watch.

1ATM/1 BAR/10 M/33ft

   1 ATM water resistant watch can withstand a depth of 10 meters and are suitable for rain or accidental splashes, but cannot be submerged in water. The water resistant of cheap plastic and alloy watches are 0 ATM or 1 ATM. but watches manufacturers will not test 0ATM water resistant watches, but will test 1ATM watch by water testing instrument.

3ATM/3BAR/30 M/100ft

  3ATM water resistant watch can withstand minor flooding, such as hand washing or light rain. They are not suitable for swimming or diving. 3ATM watch is suitable for everyday use. They can withstand splashes and raindrops. However, they are not suitable for prolonged immersion in water.

5ATM watch

5ATM/5BAR/50 M/165ft

   You can swim or snorkel with 5ATM water resistance watch but is not suitable for intense water activities such as scuba diving. If your watch says it’s 5 ATM water resistant, it’s almost identical to a 3 ATM watch, so 5 ATM watches are only good for everyday life as well. They are resistant to splashes and raindrops. Some people may tell you that 5 ATM watches can take a shower, but it’s really not recommended because hot water can cause the water resistant ring to expand causing water to enter the watch case and damage the movement, watch hand and other parts of a watch.

    Also, the maximum water resistance of alloy watches is 5 Bar. If you want to make a watch with higher water resistant requirement, the case material is usually stainless steel, tungsten steel and other hard materials, and the watch glass cannot be acrylic crystal.

10ATM/10BAR/100 M/330ft

  The 10 ATM watch is appropriate for recreational diving and water sports, but not for deep diving.

  The case material of 10bar watches is at least 316L stainless steel. In addition, the crown of 10 ATM water resistant watches is screw down and the watch crystal is sapphire crystal or sapphire coating thickened mineral glass.

20ATM/20BAR/200 M/660ft

  20 ATM watch can withstand greater water pressure and are suitable for swimming, surfing and diving.


   Similarly a 20 ATM water resistant watch requires a screw down crown and case back, and the watch glass must be sapphire crystal and thicker than a 10 ATM watch to withstand heavier underwater pressure. 20 ATM water resistance is a feature of dive watches. To make it easier to read the time in the deep sea, a 20 ATM diver’s watch is usually equipped with a full lume dial watch or watch hand lume. The strap material is usually water resistant, such as rubber, silicone or stainless steel.

30ATM/30BAR/300 M/990ft

  30 ATM watch are highly water resistant and can withstand extremely deep water pressures, making them ideal for professional divers. A 30ATM watch requires a helium escape valve for deep-sea diving, besides the features mentioned for a 20ATM watch.

Waterproof vs water resistant

   Although the terms “water resistant” and “waterproof” are sometimes used interchangeably, it is necessary to clarify the difference. Water resistant watches are resistant to water, as shown by the ATM rating. While a “waterproof” watch should theoretically be water resistant. But no watch is guaranteed to be permanently waterproof. Not only are watches not permanently waterproof, but other products such as waterproof cell phones also fall under the same category. They can only be waterproof for a specific period or under certain conditions.


Trusted Water Resistant Watch Supplier- Watchessy

   When buying a waterproof watch, it is vital to choose a trustworthy watch supplier. Watchessy is a reputable watch manufacturer that offers watches with different water resistant rating to ensure that customers can find the best watch for them. In addition, if entrepreneurs want to start a watch company, then they should choose watchessy, watchessy can help customers to choose the right watch accessories to achieve the desired waterproof rating watch while minimizing the cost.

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  In the world of watches, the crown is one of the most important watch parts, usually on the right side of the case. It not only enhances the appearance of the watch but also serves as a link between the movement and the outside world. The crown has 3 basic functions: adjusting the time/date/date of the day, winding the watch, and making the watch water resistant. The crown plays a vital role in maintaining the water resistance of the watch, because apart from the case, watch strap, caseback, and watch crystal, the crown is the most susceptible to water ingress, as it is frequently used. In order to keep a water resistant watch, watch manufacturers favor Screw down crown.

    This blog post will detail what a screw down crown is, how to adjust a screw down crown watch, and the difference between a screw down crown and a push down crown. By the end of this guide, you will clearly understand this important component in watchmaking.

What is a screw down crown

  A screw down crown watch is a mechanical device that helps ensure the water resistance of a watch, prevents dust from entering the interior of the watch, and slows down the movement. The screw down crown watch is usually on the right side of the case, and users can unscrew and pull it out to adjust the time, date, or other functions of the watch. When not in use, the crown screws back into the case to form a waterproof seal.

What is a screw down crown

    A watch screw down crown provides additional waterproof protection. When you screw down the crown into the case, it forms a tight seal between the crown and the case. Active When you screw the crown into the case, the threads interlock and a waterproof sealing gasket forms a tight seal, preventing water from entering the watch if it is submerged or exposed to moisture. This feature is important for diving watch, as it ensures that the watch will function properly even in underwater environments, where a ring of mist or water would otherwise appear in the middle of the watch face.

Screw down crown

How to adjust watches with screw down crown

     Adjusting a screw down crown watch requires a few simple steps to ensure the watch functions accurately. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Before operating the screw down crown, it must be unlocked. Unscrew the crown until it is free from the watch case. Be careful not to use force as this may damage the threads.
  2. To set the time/date: After unscrewing the crown, you can pull it out to the desired position. To adjust the time, pull it out to the first position and to adjust the date (if applicable), pull it out to the second position.

   3.Screwing back the crown: After making the adjustments, nuzzle the crown back into the case and then tighten the crown clockwise until snug. Ensure that we fully screwed it down to maintain water resistance.

Screw down crown vs push

  Push crown are freely movable with an O-ring and are the choice for most casual watches. Although both types of crowns have the function of setting the watch, there are significant differences between screw down crown vs push:

   1. Water Resistance: Screw down crown is more water resistant than push-down crowns. The threaded design creates a secure seal for water-related activities. .

  2. Convenience: Push-crown is often simpler and faster to operate as they do not need to be unscrewed and screwed back. It’s perfect for everyday use watches that don’t need to withstand extreme water temperatures.

Conclusion-Screw down crown

   In conclusion, the screw down crown is an indispensable part of your watch to ensure its water resistance and functionality. By understanding how to adjust the screw-down crown and the difference between a screw-down crown and a push-down crown, you can make an informed decision when choosing the right watch for you. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and care of your watch to maintain its integrity.

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