The choice of watch movement plays a vital role in the performance and reliability of a watch, as the movement is the heart of the watch, the source of power for its operation. We categorize the movements into quartz movement, automatic mechanical movement and manual, mechanical movement. The Miyota 8215 and Seiko NH35 movements are both automatic movements, and Japanese movement manufacturers produced both.

   We widely recognized that the NH35 movement is better than the Miyota 8215 because the NH35 movement is more reliable because of its protection against hacking and bi-directional winding, and it doesn’t have the noise of the Miyota 8215 movement. In this blog, we will discuss in depth the features and differences between Miyota 8215 vs NH35 so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a movement for your watch!

Automatic watch diver NH35 vs Miyota 8215

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Miyota 8215

  Miyota 8215 movement is a mechanical movement manufactured by Citizen Watch Co. Founded in 1959, Miyota is one of the world’s largest producers of high quality, affordable movements. The Miyota movement 8215 is one of the best of the best, widely recognized for its accuracy and durability. The movement has a vibration frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (vph) and a power reserve of approximately 40 hours. The Miyota 8215 price is about $50 and is better suited for micro watch brands or medium watches.

Miyota 8215

NH35 movement

   Nh35 is a mechanical movement produced by Seiko in Japan, NH refers to a family of Seiko movements. Seiko nh35 movement is rugged and accurate, with a frequency of 21,600 HZ and a power reserve of approximately 41 hours. The NH35 movement, known for its precision, receives high praise from watch enthusiasts and is frequently used in Seiko’s mechanical watches. We can find nh35 movement in mechanical watches ranging from $200 to $300.

Miyota 8215 vs NH35

   Now, let’s compare Miyota 8215 and Seiko NH35 movements to see the similarities and differences. Both movements run at the same frequency and offer similar power reserves. But in reality, they are very different.

  1. Seiko nh35 movement has 24 jewels, while the Miyota 8215 movement has only 21 jewels. The jewels are used to carry the precision parts of the movement and ensure that the mechanical movement keeps accurate time. 24 jewels in the NH movement are significantly more precisely constructed than the 21 jewels in the Miyota 8215 movement.

  2. NH35 movements are newer movements that incorporate more modern features such as hacking and bi-directional winding, so they are more reliable than the older 8215 movement.

   3. Miyota 8215 is an old mainspring movement, so it is more prone to jamming faults and excessive noise than NH35 movement.

  4.The rotor of Miyota 8215 movement does not have ball bearings, which is convenient for watch repairers to perform maintenance and repair services. While the NH35 movement has bearings attached to the rotor, which makes maintenance difficult.

  1. The rotor of Miyota 8215 can rotate smoothly with the wearer’s wrist movement, which is conducive to automatic winding. While the rotor of NH35 movement is very stable, it is relatively difficult to wind automatically and more necessary to wind manually.

   6.Miyota 8215 movement is thicker and has a smaller diameter than the NH35 movement, so the 8215 movement is better suited to smaller but thicker cases.

   Besides the few more major differences mentioned above, there are other subtle differences. Please check the chart below.

miyota 8215 vs nh35

How to choose the movement,nh35 vs Miyota 8215?

   Choosing between the Miyota 8215 and the Seiko NH35 ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences. If you value affordability and reliability, the Miyota 8215 might be a suitable option. If you prioritize accuracy and additional functionalities like hacking and hand-winding, the Seiko NH35 could be the better choice.

Conclusion-Miyota 8215 vs nh35

   In conclusion, Miyota 8215 and Seiko NH35 movements have their own distinctive features. By understanding their features and differences, you can make an informed decision when choosing a movement for your watch. Consider your priorities and preferences and choose the movement that best suits your needs. If you are new to the watch industry, you can contact us. Watchessy as a watch supplier can provide Miyota 8215 and NH35 dial,case and other watch parts.

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