In the world of watches, the crown is one of the most important watch parts, usually on the right side of the case. It not only enhances the appearance of the watch but also serves as a link between the movement and the outside world. The crown has 3 basic functions: adjusting the time/date/date of the day, winding the watch, and making the watch water resistant. The crown plays a vital role in maintaining the water resistance of the watch, because apart from the case, watch strap, caseback, and watch crystal, the crown is the most susceptible to water ingress, as it is frequently used. In order to keep a water resistant watch, watch manufacturers favor Screw down crown.

    This blog post will detail what a screw down crown is, how to adjust a screw down crown watch, and the difference between a screw down crown and a push down crown. By the end of this guide, you will clearly understand this important component in watchmaking.

What is a screw down crown

  A screw down crown watch is a mechanical device that helps ensure the water resistance of a watch, prevents dust from entering the interior of the watch, and slows down the movement. The screw down crown watch is usually on the right side of the case, and users can unscrew and pull it out to adjust the time, date, or other functions of the watch. When not in use, the crown screws back into the case to form a waterproof seal.

What is a screw down crown

    A watch screw down crown provides additional waterproof protection. When you screw down the crown into the case, it forms a tight seal between the crown and the case. Active When you screw the crown into the case, the threads interlock and a waterproof sealing gasket forms a tight seal, preventing water from entering the watch if it is submerged or exposed to moisture. This feature is important for diving watch, as it ensures that the watch will function properly even in underwater environments, where a ring of mist or water would otherwise appear in the middle of the watch face.

Screw down crown

How to adjust watches with screw down crown

     Adjusting a screw down crown watch requires a few simple steps to ensure the watch functions accurately. Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Before operating the screw down crown, it must be unlocked. Unscrew the crown until it is free from the watch case. Be careful not to use force as this may damage the threads.
  2. To set the time/date: After unscrewing the crown, you can pull it out to the desired position. To adjust the time, pull it out to the first position and to adjust the date (if applicable), pull it out to the second position.

   3.Screwing back the crown: After making the adjustments, nuzzle the crown back into the case and then tighten the crown clockwise until snug. Ensure that we fully screwed it down to maintain water resistance.

Screw down crown vs push

  Push crown are freely movable with an O-ring and are the choice for most casual watches. Although both types of crowns have the function of setting the watch, there are significant differences between screw down crown vs push:

   1. Water Resistance: Screw down crown is more water resistant than push-down crowns. The threaded design creates a secure seal for water-related activities. .

  2. Convenience: Push-crown is often simpler and faster to operate as they do not need to be unscrewed and screwed back. It’s perfect for everyday use watches that don’t need to withstand extreme water temperatures.

Conclusion-Screw down crown

   In conclusion, the screw down crown is an indispensable part of your watch to ensure its water resistance and functionality. By understanding how to adjust the screw-down crown and the difference between a screw-down crown and a push-down crown, you can make an informed decision when choosing the right watch for you. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use and care of your watch to maintain its integrity.

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