How to change a watch battery

When your watch appears to jump once every 4 seconds, or when it stops or goes wrong, it means that quartz watches will also run out of it needs to be replaced. But many people do not know how to change a watch battery, this article is to teach you how to replace the watch battery.

Preparation matters before replace the battery:

Put down a paper or a soft cloth when you put the watches on the desk.It can protect your watches from scratches while you replace the watch battery.

Remove the watch strap and the spring bars(we can provide the spring bar tool and strap tool).

1. Open the case back of the watch.

Determine the type of cover used on your watch and remove it properly.

There are three types of watch case back, each with a different method of removal.

Snap-off case back

Most of the watch back is snap-on style,which have small overlap or lip at the edge of the back cover.The lip is used to help you carefully remove the cover.Using a small flathead screwdriver or a hammer under the lip and Push upward to open the cover.During that process if you can use with plastic film,it will be better otherwise screwdriver will scratch the watch.

Snap-on cover

Secured with screws

Your watch back is secured with screws. use a small screwdriver carefully to loosen the screws and remove the cover.if you buy the watches from us,we can provide that tool for you.please put removed screws in place like a small dish,because the screws are small and easy to fall.

Secured with screws

Screw-off case back

Generally the screw-off back with is usually 6~8 notches along the edge.

You need use universal watch opener to open screw-off cover.Based on the back size and angle,you can adjust the handle and distance.

Screw off case back

2. Remove the battery of the watch.

After the back cover is open,You will see the battery held in the movement.There are 2 different types of battery placement.

Based on the first battery placement,You can use a tweezers to align the hole and push lightly to remove the battery directly.If the tweezers is plastic,it will be better.

The second placement is the battery is fixed by one metal clips. First you need take the plastic inner case away.(inner case is between the cover and the inside of watches.that inner case is used to fix the movement and connect to the watch case).Use the tweezers to remove the clips and align the hole,then push gently to remove the battery.

3. Replace the new watch battery.

Install the new battery by using the tweezers. or you can replace the watch battery and press the battery down by finger .and make sure the battery is seated correctly.if the battery is not held in the right position or upside down,the watches won’t work.

4. Replace the Cover back.

Before installing the back cover,please make sure that watch is working.if the watch hands are not moving,

maybe the new battery is not installed correctly.

Snap-off case back

Put the cover on the watch please remember to align the notches of the case and the back cover.

Then push the cover until you hear a click. please make sure your watch face and glass are prevent from damaging .

The watch cover has a screw

Place the back on the watch then put the screw on the lug hole.Use a small screwdriver to reinsert the screws.please ensure the screws is not too tight.otherwise the watch back won’t even or the inner case are damaged.

Screw-on cover

The watch opener can screw the back covers by adjusting the angle and distance.and don’t over tighten.

5.Then turn the back of the quartz clockwise back to its original position, and adjust the time.

With a new battery,your watch can last many years again.and for more detail,you can view our video and learn to how to replace the battery.