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How to change a watch battery

    When your watch appears to jump once every 4 seconds, or when it stops or goes wrong, it means that quartz watches will run out of it needs to be replaced. But many people do not know how to change a watch battery, this article is to teach you how to replace a watch battery.

   Preparation matters before changing a watch battery:

   Put down a paper or a soft cloth when you put the watches on the desk. It can protect your watch case from scratches while you replace the watch battery.

   Remove the watch strap and the spring bars (we can provide the spring bar tool and strap tool).

Table of Contents

1.  Open the case back  of the watch

  The back is one of the main watch case parts. The first step to change watch battery is to determine the type of cover used on your watch and remove it properly. There are three types of watch case back, each with a different method of removal.

Snap on back

   Many simple watches have Snap off back, which are pressed down into the case by the back cover machine through the waterproof ring. Therefore, the water resistance of these watches does not exceed 5 ATM.

   A small overlap or lip characterised this snap off back around the edge of the back cover. The lip is used to help you remove the cover carefully. Use a small one screwdriver or hammer under the lip to push the cover upwards. It is better if you can use plastic wrap in this process, otherwise the screwdriver will scratch the watch.

Snap on back

Screw on back

  A screwed back cover means that the back cover is held in place by 4 to 10 screws. Therefore, it is only necessary to use the correct screwdriver to remove the back cover.

   If you buy a watch from us, we can provide you with this tool. Please keep the removed screws in something like a small dish, as they are small and can easily fall out.    

screw on back

Screw down back

   The screw down back with is usually 6~8 notches along the edge, which are threaded to achieve higher water resistance, e.g. 10ATM, 20ATM water resistanceIn order to achieve 10ATM water resistance, besides the use of screw down back, screw down crown is also necessary, especially for diving watch. As a professional watch manufacturer, we have a universal watch opener to open the screw down back. Adjust the handle and distance according to the size and angle of the cover to remove the back.

Screw down back

 Remove The Back Gasket

   After removing the back, you can see the inner workings of the watch, such as the inner casing, the movement, the water-resistant ring and so on. The water-resistant ring is a rubber gasket that keeps the watch watertight and prevents dust from entering the case. The rubber gasket is gently removed from the watch with tweezers.

 Remove the old watch battery

   After the back cover is open,You will see the battery held in the movement. There are 2 different battery placement.

   Based on the first battery placement, you can use a tweezer to align the hole and push lightly to remove the battery directly. If the tweezers are plastic, it will be better.

    The second placement is one metal clip fixes the battery. First, you need to take the plastic inner case away. (inner case is between the cover and the inside of watches. That inner case is used to fix the watch movement and connect to the watch case). Use the tweezers to remove the clips and align the hole,then push gently to remove the battery.

 Replace the new watch battery

   Before watch battery replacement, check the model and brand of the battery. Currently, the common battery models are Sr626sw watch battery from Japan movement,364,371,377 watch battery from Swiss movement. The correct battery will ensure the watch works properly.

    Use tweezers and follow the same method to install the battery correctly in place. If there is a retainer, make sure that the retainer holds the battery in place as well. 

 Make sure that the watch is working

    After replacing a watch battery, it is best to turn the watch upside down to check if the watch hands are moving and if the watch is keeping accurate time. If the watch doesn’t work, it’s best to take it to a professional watch repair shop nearer to you to have it checked.

Insert the gasket back and put the back to the case

   Reposition the gasket back to the correct position, after which the back will be installed back in the case in different ways depending on the back cover.

Snap on back

  Put the back on the watch. Please remember to align the notches of the case and the back cover.

  Then push the cover until you hear a click. Please make sure your watch face and watch crystal are prevented from damaging.

Snap on back

   Place the back on the watch then put the screw on the lug hole. Use a small screwdriver to reinsert the screws. Please ensure the screws are not too tight. Otherwise the watch back won’t even or the inner case are damaged.

Screw down back

   The watch opener can screw the back covers by adjusting the angle and distance.and don’t over tighten.

   Once the back has been put back on, perform a simple waterproofing test on the watch in order to confirm that the case back, gaskets, etc. are assembled correctly.

turn the back of the quartz clockwise back to its original position, and adjust the time

   With a new battery, your watch can last many years again. And for more detail, you can view our video and learn to how to replace watch battery.

 Conclusion-How to change watch battery

  T hrough this blog, everyone understands how to replace a watch battery is a simple thing to do. But some guests still want to find watch without battery so that there is no need to change watch battery. Watches without batteries are mechanical watches, which are further categorized into two types: manual mechanical and automatic. Mechanical watches don’t need to have their batteries replaced, but they need to be serviced on a regular basis. So there is no such thing as a perfect choice, the right one for you is the best.

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