how to adjust watch band

Nowadays, many people like to wear watches. On the one hand, they can keep track of time, and on the other hand, they can show off their personal charm and taste. It can also be used as an ornament. However, the quality of a watch depends not only on its craftsmanship and quality, but also on whether it fits in your hand. Especially if you have just bought a new watch, it is often not the right size for your wrist. When it does not fit your hand, we need to adjust the length of the watch band according to our own situation in order to wear it. Generally, the length of the watch band is difficult to be modified, only the steel watch band can be disassembled one by one to adjust the length. So, next we have compiled a list of ways to adjust the length of different materials watch band.

1. adjust the stainless steel band

repare the tools: watch adjuster (provided by our company).

The tool to adjust the length of band

By looking at the back of the watch band, you can see that some watch band sections have removal arrows, and some watch strap sections do not. If there are no arrows on the back of the watch strap, then you can look at the side of the watch and you may see that some watch band sections have holes and some do not. These some watch band sections with holes are removable, while those without holes are not.

If there is an arrow on the watch bracelet, it means that it can be ejected according to the direction of the arrow (ejecting direction). If there is no arrow, observe the two ends with holes, one side has a split and the other side does not. You have to pull it out from the round end to the one with the bifurcation.


Put the strap into the slot of the watch adjuster, turn the handle of the watch adjuster and jack out the watch shaft.

When installing, put the watch shaft back in the opposite direction of the top (the round end of the steel needle goes in first), and you can gently knock the watch shaft in if you have a small hammer.

If there is no watch adjuster, you can find the steel needle and hammer at home, and you can also follow the method above.

adjust the stainless steel band

2. adjust the length of mesh bracelet band (tools provided by our company)

Step 1: Align the watch buckle with a tool and pry it open

Step 2: Slide watch buckle back and forth according to the required length

Step 3: Fasten the watch buckle piece

Schematic diagram is as follows

adjust the length of mesh bracelet

3. How to adjust the length of leather band (tools provided by our company).

According to the size of the existing holes in the strap and the length of one’s wrist, determine the punching position, and then find the punching needle with the corresponding size from the puncher. Put the strap in the punching pliers, and after adjusting the position, hold the handle firmly and clamp it down. In this way, a small hole will be punched out. It is difficult to find any difference between this small hole and other round holes in appearance.

The tool to adjust the length of leather band