How to change the band

Nowadays, there are many materials for watch’ band. Among them, the most common ones are stainless steel ones and genuine leather ones. Leather band or plastic band have an expiration date. What people should pay attention to when replacing it is that the width of the leather band should be suitable with the width of the case opening, not too narrow. If it is too narrow, the band  will slide from side to side, which will easily compress the spring of the strap pins and make them fall down, causing the watch to be lost. Also, it does not look good. (Especially the kind of watch with large diameter and long strap pins).

Problems that should be noted when changing the band:

  1. The part of the band with the buckle (the short one) should always be above the watch (when the watch is being looked at and the handle is on the right side). The band  is not like the belt in clothing, the installation orientation is specified.
  1. Stainless steel band. When the watch is spread out, the letters or logo on the band discount should be the same as the dial. If it is upside down, then the band is installed backwards. If the watch buckle can be opened with the thumb is correct. From the butterfly clasp, you will be able to see if the logo and the dial are in line with each other.  If the band is reversed, the opening and closing must not be smooth.

In order to avoid scratching the watch case  and watchband, our company will provide special free watchband  for customer to change the watch band

Different bands need to be matched with different band changing tools.

1.How to change and replace a steel watch band

First, you start with the buckle; you need to use the tool we provide (below) against the buckle to remove the spring shaft, then spread the strap out flat, then there is a pin where the stainless steel band is attached to the dial. Use a pointed tool. Follow the arrow on the back of the strap to find the location of the pin, push it outward with force toward the arrow against the small round projection, and push the pin out. Push out the pin, remove the pin and then gently twist it to remove the strap.

watch tool to remove stainless steel strap

2.How to remove and change the leather band

The leather strap and the steel strap have the same position as the pin. The strap is attached to the lugs by means of a spring bar (with built-in springs at both ends that can be retracted), which snaps into the holes on either side of the lugs. The spring bar is attached to the notch of the screwdriver set head on either end of the strap and the spring bar shaft on the lugs, and the strap is removed by pressing down on the spring bar spring in the direction of the strap.

remove the leather band

These are the two ways to change the watch band. It is recommended to lay a cloth on the table first to facilitate the pin not to slip off and to prevent the damage of scratching between the watch and the table.